One hundred and fifty thousand views

Nine months ago I uploaded my presentation from the AHS conference, called “The Food Revolution”. It’s now been viewed more than 150 000 times. Fantastic.

I’m working on my next presentation now, for AHS 2012 next month. It’ll be completely new. Hopefully I’ll be able to record it in high quality (including the sound) and post it on YouTube!


  1. Hi Andreas,

    Since I first saw this video quite a few months ago, I've sent the link to many of my family, friends and colleagues because I think it does such a good job of summarising the principles behind LCHF and related diets. Before I first watched it, I had already seen the "Sugar, The Bitter Truth" video and I was beginning to question a lot of my assumptions about healthy eating, but your video really changed the way I think about diet. I went on to read The Diet Delusion (aka Good Calories, Bad Calories) and lots of other bits and pieces online. All in all, it has been a very exciting year of learning more about food and I think I'm eating better now than ever before.

    So anyway, I'm delighted that so many other people have watched (and hopefully enjoyed) your video too. Well done and keep up the good work!


  2. Laura
    Having a bit of a gloat doc? :-)
    I have also spread your video and blog (in both languages!) and that of Prof Cordain and Gary's book to as many people/friends as possible. Cannot keep the lchf secret...gotta save a few more lives!!
    I think this blog is great friendly and interesting and your video a very good funny introduction...
    thanks a million and good luck with new talk..look forward to that
  3. I've also passed this video around. Looking forward to the next one. Yours was the best quality video because we could see you and the slides as well. That didn't happen with all the contributors at the AHS so it made following some of the lectures quite awkward.

    I agree with Laura that this blog has a friendly atmosphere - on some blogs people can be quite ghastly to each other.

  4. Luis
    Dear Dr. Eenfalt,

    My name is Dr. Luis Soto, as you I'm a physician working in my country Costa Rica,, which is located in Central America. You have inspire me to fight on obesity, and I always expect your contributions on the web and in this blog. Since I saw your blog and other's like Dr. Westman, I chanced my mind about dieting the people, because I saw that in the old way I could'nt make my patients to lower their colesterol and weight as much as I can do prescribing good and real food. Now they feel and look wonderfall, Thank you for posting your knowlegde. Keep going!!!!

  5. Laura
    Hey Doc Luis...that is some endorsment!! And all the way from Costa bad is the obesity epidemic there? And the fast/junk food sotuation? It really saddens me to think that countries like Costa Rica with lots of fresh produce and good tradition of home cooking fall victim to the evils of processed foods..... :-(
  6. Maggan A

    I´ve said it before and I say it again - it is trhilling to se the food-revolution spreading all over the world! :-)

  7. Excellent, thanks for posting! Definitely putting aside some time for this.
  8. Luis
    Dear Laura,

    Down here in Costa Rica, we have the same situation like in USA, cause we have a very american type of living. We have McDonald, Pizza Hut, Wendy's, Starbucks, and all kind of that stuff all over the place, Our obesity rate reach of futher more the 30 % in the adult population, and our dietitians have the old view of the problem, cutting the fat intake, as they want to cut down the calories. Very few people are working with the LC/HF view. So, I have a lot of work to do over here, but I think is all over the world. We just need to do the "ants work" and spread the word..., Thank you for your comment!!!

  9. Laura
    @Luis thank you for enlighting us (sadly situation quite bad as expected) are a pioneer! Good luck and keep us posted it is a mammoth task! Don't give up because lcHF restores health as well as waist lines!!

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