One day until launch

In one more day we will launch the biggest new thing since we started the Diet Doctor blog four years ago.

It will be great to finally get to show it to you – and to the world.

Time for launch: 10 am PDT (US West Coast) – 1 pm EDT (US East Coast) – 6 pm in England7 pm in Sweden, South Africa and most of Europe.


  1. Charging?
    I hope it won't be a site where you'll be charging people for access...
  2. alien
    I guess charging for an eating program
  3. Rehan
    Looking forward to it.
  4. Alan
    I see that my comment on charging on the other page was removed. Excellent. Guess I was right then.
    Replies: #5, #7
  5. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    The only thing that has been removed is a comment including some privileged information that were only meant for test pilots of the project. As soon as we launch later today any of that is free to discuss.
  6. Vicente
    I can't imagine how your site can be even better.

    Good luck with your new project!

  7. Anthony
    Alan, Andreas is telling us the truth. This takes courage. This guy is genuine . He is a qualified doctor who could make a comfortable living out of other means.
  8. Alan
    Hi Andreas, thank you for taking the time to comment. That's fair, I probably gave too much away, please accept my apologies! I've had a busy / stressful couple of days and both my original comment and response above were far too negative. Whilst no excuse, I apologise for that also. :-(

    Anthony, I couldn't agree more, I believe Andreas is very genuine of course. I've been living the LCHF way of life for the last couple of years with excellent results and have thoroughly enjoyed the content of the Diet Doctor website. I make a point of promoting it to many people that I have talked to who have seen my great health improvements. My original point (although not well put) was to challenge if charging readers of the website was the best approach rather than offering the content for free still whilst gaining funds through other methods (such as paid advertising etc).

    Where is the big announcement? The ticker has clearly run out...

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