NYT: Losing weight and reversing diabetes with Virta Health


Robin and Wayne Collier both struggled with type 2 diabetes and overweight, and no diet seemed to improve the situation. But then the breakthrough came as they enrolled in a study by Virta Health, a tech company taking on type 2 diabetes with a low-carb approach.

Virta Health is now featured in The New York Times:

Virta, based in San Francisco, takes a low-carbohydrate approach, training patients to swap foods like pastries, pasta and sugary snacks for veggie omelets, almonds and salads with grilled chicken and beef.

Every day, patients use an app to upload their blood sugar levels, blood pressure, body weight and other measurements. A health coach, usually a registered dietitian, monitors their data and checks in by phone, text or email to discuss any problems or just to provide daily encouragement.

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