Nobel banquet at Diet Doctor’s


We brought the Nobel festivities yesterday to our residence. In this picture Klara has put on her red dress and is looking forward to watching real princesses on TV.

Here’s the banquet menu:

Main Course



With the main course, real water was served in wine glasses.

Close Up


This year’s Nobel Prize Banquet consists of a heart-shaped and a hedgehog-shaped omelette. In addition pigs made out of a Swedish sausage and some corn*.


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*Corn does of course contain some carbohydrates, but for healthy children there aren’t really any reasons to be on a strict LCHF diet. It’s not necessary.


  1. Nate
    So, it sounds like the Nobel prizes a big deal in Sweden. Are the festivities popular on TV?
    Reply: #2
  2. Zepp
    Yes it is and there are a lot on TV and in newspapers!
  3. Nate
    Very nice tradition!
    Reply: #4
  4. Zepp
    Well it is one of our grand international happening.. so it is all over the place in all media!

    Frome the scientific angel to it to womens weekly papers there they coment the femal royal dresses!

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