Noakes trial back in action

Here’s the front page of today’s Cape Times. The trial of Professor Tim Noakes – over a tweet (!) – is now back in action again and will run until 17 Februari.

News24: Noakes wins battle for written reasons for hearing

It seems like The Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) is on a witch hunt. And a very costly one, as this large trial drags on and on.

Of course the trial is not really about a single tweet – that would be truly bizarre. It’s about scores of South Africans revolutionizing their health, using advice that is about the opposite of what they get from the Association for Dietetics in SA. So their former president lodged a complaint about a tweet… and that is what got this big thing going.

Let’s hope we get a sane end to it.


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  1. Tor H
    Guess who's gonna lecture other dietitians about social media and ethical communication guidelines:

    Claire Julsing Strydom , the very same who reported Tim Noakes.

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  2. Apicius
    Claire will be doing a talk for an organization of dieticians which is supported by a board of people who derive their profits or get funding from big Pharma or big food. For example, Sandra Capra, the president of the icd board gets funding from big to Uniquest - the university-industry coalition that funds Sandra's so-called "research" found at this link:
  3. Tor H
  4. MCTuser
    A much better link to the Noakes trial is BizNews and articles by Marika Sboros who has been writing about this since the beginning. See the following link, or enter "Noakes trial BizNews" into a browser.
  5. Apicius
    The only complaint The Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) could possibly have against Noakes is that Noakes is not being funded by Big Pharma and Big Food, like Nestle, Bayer, Pfizer, Coca Cola, etc. Apparently, it's a crime in South Africa to make a comment about nutrition if you are not backed up by Big Food or Big Pharma.

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