New Zealand wins rugby World Cup – without much sugar

The New Zealand All Blacks won the Rugby World Cup yesterday, and they’re hailed as the best team of all time:

The Guardian: New Zealand hails ‘phenomenal’ All Blacks after Rugby World Cup victory

So why is this interesting news on a health and nutrition site? Because their strength and conditioning coach, Dr. Nic Gill, is very positive to LCHF and the entire team has reduced their sugar intake. Maybe that’s one of the things that helped make them arguably the best team of all time?

Professor Grant Schofield profiles Dr. Nic Gill


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    Andreas, I beg to differ. Australia was the best team ! ( of course I see everything through green and gold glasses )....
  2. Trish
    thats why they didn"t win huh
  3. Starlynn
  4. Carmen Slee
    Anthony, the results spoke for themselves!!! Anyway, I love the idea and the results of intermittent fasting. Its so much easier to go without then have a little bit. Takes time to train the body though. Habit is a bitch sometimes!

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