New Study: Tens of Millions of People May be Taking Statins Needlessly

According to a new study, tens of millions of people worldwide may needlessly be on cholesterol-lowering statin drugs.

Around 45% of people recommended statin drugs under today’s guidelines show no signs of cardiovascular disease in the study. This indicates that many of them may have no need for the drug, and suffer side effects for no good reason. Except, that is, to increase profits in the pharmaceutical industry.

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  1. Bob Niland
    As far as I can tell, almost nobody should be on a statin. Even in cases of FH, it's not clear to me that these toxins provide any greater net benefit than being on a suitable (non-consensus LCHF grain-free low-inflam) diet that attends to microbiome and some key micronutrients.

    Such all-cause outcome data as exists for statins is either heavily confounded by consensus diets, suspect due to being industry-funded, or ambiguous (ALLHAT-LLT).

    Statins are commonly prescribed based on LDL-C, which test is a joke amounting to a modern form of phrenology. This quackery needs to be confronted before we're all bankrupted by the looming PCSK9 inhibitors. Shoving around markers that may not matter is not the same as enhancing health.

  2. Sue Smith
    is it easy to stop taking these statins and what should it be replaced with
  3. Tor H
    Its not like the body lacks statins if your cholesterol is high, so why take them?
    Replace them with natural unprocessed food like LCHF.
  4. Lisa I
    My brother in law is 40 and was prescribed a statin because his total cholesterol was over the threshold. But it was his triglycerides that I was more concerned about. I convinced my sister to do LCHF with me a few months ago. She lost 15lbs and so my brother in law tried it, too. He mainly cut his beer consumption to low, went to bed before 10pm and didn't have any carbs for breakfast or after 6pm. That was it. After 3 months, the doctor took him off his statin because his numbers looked so good and is now weening him off his medicine for high blood pressure. I truly believe he should have never been given statin drugs, just good nutrition advice.
  5. Glenda
    My numbers look good, but I do have a stint. I've been LCHF for 12 weeks and feel great. I recently had my numbers checked and everything looked wonderful. Do you think it's safe to stop the statins?
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  6. Kip
    I'm curious: is anyone a medical doctor, and does your opinion/advice apply to people on a LCHF diet who have been prescribed statin therapy because of a history of hyperlipidemia, hypercholesterolemia, diabetes and atherosclerosis? Thanks.
  7. Jane
    What is the citation for this study? Is it online now?
    Thank you.
  8. Sean Donnelly
    Been on LCHF for over a year - feeling great and lost weight. However just received results from recent blood test and my cholesterol is 'raised' - I'm 49 with some family history of heart disease, should I be concerned? I know my doctor is likely to prescribe statins - any advice?
  9. stergio
    Does 'Diet Doctor' read these comments and reply?

    There seems to be genuine questions from people who have read and watched the reports and want to take the step to stop the statins. For example Glenda is feeling fine but has a stent, so she's had a blockage. Presumably she has athersclerosis (?) so does that mean she should be on statins for life or will LCHF and exercise, perhaps Vit K2, make sufficient lifestyle changes to halt or reverse CHD without the need for statins?

    I know it is impossible to answer individual questions without adding a proviso to discuss with your medical professional but it was the doctors who have misled a generation of us on diet and medication In the first place.

    So can Diet Doctor respond to some of these comments in the 'broadest of terms'. Otherwise you may become just another 'diet site' that likes to promote its philosophy but doesn't listen to its readers.

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  10. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    There are practical, ethical as well as legal impediments to prescribing changes in medication via a blog. I can't do it, nor should I.

    Whether or not to take statins comes down to weighing the benefits via the harms. Unfortunately this discussion has been perverted by Big Pharma, as doctors base their discussion almost exclusively on Pharma-funded studies that hype the benefits while hiding the harms.

    In general terms it's often a good idea to take a statin if you already have heart disease, it's rarely a good idea if you don't. And effective lifestyle changes are always more powerful than a statin.

  11. stergio
    Thank you Dr Eenfeldt

    Thank you for your prompt reply.

    I too have a stent. In this past year I have had pains in shoulder I feared was either statin related or arthritis. I have not taken a statin for 6 months. I have been taking a Vit K2 supplement for 6 months. My shoulder pains have disappeared.

    I have lost 12kg following a LCHF diet in only 3 months. I have taken to brisk walking 1 hours 3 times a week in addition to my golf and gardening. I feel and look fine.

    This 63 is reassured that whereas 'it's often a good idea to take a statin if you have heart disease' which I have, but more importantly 'effective lifestyle changes are always more powerful than a statin'.

    Glenda, we are always responsible for our decisions about our own health, but I hope you too get reassurances from the reply from Dr Eenfeldt.

  12. stergio
    Hi Glenda

    See the reply #10. Good luck.


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