New study: Exceptional blood-sugar control for type 1 diabetics on low carb


A new study shows that type 1 diabetic patients who go on a low-carb high-protein diet on average achieve truly great results:

It found that children and adults with Type 1 diabetes who followed a very low-carb, high-protein diet for an average of just over two years — combined with the diabetes drug insulin at smaller doses than typically required on a normal diet — had “exceptional” blood sugar control. They had low rates of major complications, and children who followed it for years did not show any signs of impaired growth.

The New York Times: How a low-carb diet might aid people with type 1 diabetes

The patients were all members of the Facebook group Type1Grit…. highly recommended.

Here’s a longer commentary on the study by one of the participating researchers, Dr. David Ludwig:

Is Exceptional Control of Type 1 Diabetes Possible with a Low-Carbohydrate Diet?

Type 1 diabetes


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Successfully putting first patient with type 1 diabetes on low carb


  1. Dorothy
    Being a type 1 diabetic, it has taken my own researse and experimenting to determine that low-carb high protein is the only way to go
  2. Nicole Cassady
    I found this diet to be the best for blood sugar control when I was pregnant. My son is now 1yr and half old and I still continue to eat this way, and have noticed a huge difference in the amount of insulin I take now as opposed to previously! Carbs can be the devil!!
  3. Kenneth oldham. Raton, nm. 87740
    Best way i found: high protein shakes. Just add a little to a cup, or more, of milk. Mix it in and drink it. No need for a meal. Especially in the middle of the night. Glucose is low, just drink a couple of swallows, full strength, and go back to sleep. Who wants to cook something in the middle of the night. Dont feel like eating in the middle of the day, just a swallow, or 2, of high protein shake, or want to drink more: just add a small amount to milk, mix and drink. These high protein shakes will set you up for hours. Then another swallow, and your good to go again. I am type 3: 1, and 2. Dr error caused me to lose my pancreas; it was gangrene.....cause 5 hospitals couldnt, or didnt, look for gallstones. That locked everything up. Sue no man at the law, so i gratefully accept the life i have been granted. Rather to be afflicted, than condemed. Poor, than lost. Been an experience.
  4. Melissa
    I didn't think you could live without pancreas?
  5. B Lawlis
    I didn't either
  6. Lisa
    Of course you can live without a pancreas. For type I diabetics our pancreas doesn't work at all. So, removing it would not adversely affect my health.
  7. Martie
    I feel like this is a huge "Duh" moment.
  8. Heather
    A type one diabetic still has a semi-functional pancreas there is one cell type missing—the beta cell—which produces insulin. There are other cell types in the pancreas important for digestion including alpha cells. If you don’t have a pancreas you must take more meds than insulin to survive.
  9. Penny
    @Kenneth... what are you talking about? I kind of understood the first part about protein shakes, but then you go on about having T3 because you have both T1 and 2, you don't have a pancreas because of gangrene? You're not trolling I hope. You can't live without a pancreas, even if it was gangrenes. Insulin production is just one of it's many functions. T1's still have a working pancreas, it just doesn't make insulin. And there's no such thing as T3, prediabtes, or any of the other stupid terms thrown around. You either have T1 or 2, there's no in between gray area. As for protein shakes, not everyone can tolerate even just "sips*. Glucerna is loaded w sugars and makes some people spike. Everyone is pro high protein, but what if you have renal (kidney) disease? High protein is a big no no.

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