New study: Does an LCHF diet provide adequate nutrition?

Vitamins & minerals

A new study in the BMJ has found that a low-carbohydrate, high-fat (LCHF) diet can provide adequate nutrition. The researchers who ran the study did so because, although the diet is being used more and more by doctors and health practitioners as a tool to dramatically improve their patients’ health, there is still “a belief that the diet is devoid of nutrients and concern around its saturated fat content.”

Their conclusion?

A well-planned LCHF meal plan can be considered micronutrient replete.

Once again, a common low carb myth is dispelled by science. Read the full article here:

BMJ Open: Assessing the nutrient intake of a low-carbohydrate, high-fat (LCHF) diet: a hypothetical case study design

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  1. Mary Titus
    Yeah, I cod have told you that
  2. Amanda LP
    Carbohydrates were limited to 130g (26% of calories), so "low carb" but not ketogenic.
  3. Shawn
    What? They've never heard of One A Day vitamins?
  4. Karen Fountain
    Hubby and I have been living LCHF under a doctors supervision for 10 months. We've both lost 55+ pounds. Plus, as a cardiac by-pass patient 20 years ago, he is now off 4 1/2 of his prescriptions. But don't tell Big Pharma that....
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  6. Ethical Person
    I would suggest a low-saturated fat high carb diet to a heart patient. Generally these high fat diets aren't easy to stay on as a lifestyle diet and lead to gaining what was lost back...and then some. The only diet proven to prevent and reverse heart disease is a whole food plant based diet. Low carb can't claim that.

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