New report: Global cost of obesity will hit $1.2tn annually by 2025


Obesity-related illness will cost $1.2 trillion yearly by 2025, according to a new alarming report by the World Obesity Federation.

Moreover, as many as 2.7 billion of the world’s inhabitants will be overweight or obese at the time.

The annual medical costs of treating the consequences of obesity, such as diabetes and heart disease, is truly alarming. Continual surveillance by WOF has shown how obesity prevalence has risen dramatically over the past 10 years and with an estimated 177 million adults suffering severe obesity by 2025, it is clear that governments need to act now to reduce this burden on their national economies.
– Professor Ian Caterson

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  1. Kenneth
    There it is again. Fat people. Obesity - the root of all evil - and the driving force behind heart disease, diabetes, and skyrocketing medical costs. These fat people are a burden. A menace. If governments don't act now, then fat people will be the ruin of us all. God help us.

    I was morbidly obese for more than 30 years. For the first 25 of those years I was rarely sick. I had lab work in the normal range the few times that I did see the doctor. I was relatively active and healthy. The statistics said that I was at a higher risk for all sorts of bad things, so I was required to carry a separate health insurance policy from the rest of my family. I had worse coverage than my family's policy and my individual premium was twice the price. Over those early decades of obesity I paid in tens of thousands of dollars for insurance premiums and took very little out. Then at around the age of 45 some of those bad things did start to happen to me. I did get sick. High blood pressure came first and then type 2 diabetes a few years later. I guess all that fat suddenly turned on me. My medical costs did go up as my health started to fail, but I was still paying more into the system than I was using.

    At age 50 I weighed 440 pounds. I was sick, miserable, and things were only getting worse. I was about to become a burden on the system. Then I made LCHF my way of eating. I stopped eating the foods that hammered my system with sugar. Within weeks I felt better. My body's natural ability to regulate weight kicked in and the pounds started falling off. Within 3 months I was no longer testing as diabetic, though I still weighed 375 pounds. 9 months later my doctor took me off of high blood pressure medication and my A1c score was totally normal. I weighed 100 pounds more than my normal BMI when those labs were taken. I continued to eat LCHF. This way of eating gave me control over what I eat. Eventually, enough weight came off that I was no longer obese. It was the last symptom to go. LCHF fixed everything - including my obesity. The root of my problem was diet. What I ate (not how much I ate) was the driving force behind my journey to poor health.

    The way I see it, continuing to blame obesity as the driving force behind the rapid rise of disease and related medical costs will be the ruin of us all - fat people included. A high carbohydrate diet, processed food, unhealthy oils, and low fat dogma was the driving force behind my weight and health problems. In fact, I went from "overweight" to morbidly obese (gaining 100+ pounds) in a few short years while I tried to adhere to a "healthy" low fat diet. Eating a high fat, moderate protein, low carbohydrate diet everyday is what turned all of this around. It resolved my weight and my health issues. Obesity is just another symptom of the problem. It just happens to be a very obvious one and for most a precursor of worst things to come.

    My neighbor and my father-in-law both became type 2 diabetes before they became obese. My uncle died of heart disease in his early 60's and he wasn't obese. I guess they were not to blame because they were not fat. Just bad luck. Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying obesity is a good thing. I certainly didn't like being the biggest dad. For most people obesity is a sign that something isn't right. But I guess my morbidly obese grandmother never got that memo. She was healthy in body and mind up until the day she died. She was 102 year old.

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