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We’re now launching our new keto success story page with over 300 unique stories!

On this page, you can find whatever interests you the most. We have categorized success stories into different health problems, for example diabetes, PCOS, migraines and more. You can also browse stories categorized by the amount of weight lost, from 20 lbs to over 100 lbs!

This page has everything to motivate you to accomplish a success story of your own!

300+ keto success stories


  1. Freeman
    Please ask each keto-success-story person to include the fasting insulin value at the current weight & height if possible. If the person had a fasting insulin measured at a past weight, ask for those also.

    It would be useful to document values of fasting insulin and body mass index for ketogenic people who lost weight and currently are weight stable. Wouldn't it be great to be able to assert with authority that ketogenic people with normal BMI have optimal values of fasting insulin? What if Diet Doctor could show that weight-stable ketogenic people with measured fasting insulin are within the fasting-insulin-range of, for example , 2 to <= 8 mU/l?

    A data set (Fasting Insulin, BMI) for weight-stable ketogenic persons who had lost a significant amount of weight would answer many interesting questions.

  2. BobM
    Personally, I find my fasting insulin values to be all over the map. In fact, my highest insulin occurred at my lowest weight. Insulin, it seems to me, is more related to what you ate immediately the day before than anything else. My lowest insulin occurred after 4.5 days of fasting. For a "normal" 12-14 hour fast (eating the day before), I've had values from 3.8 to 33.0 uIU/mL. And I've been low carb, primarily keto, the whole time.
  3. Esther
    I think the fact that folks are happy to share their stories, before and after photos, challenges, etc. should be applauded. They give me hope that things can change for me, too. And for my family and friends.

    Not sure that extensive personal data are necessary. Emphasis on personal.
    Photos as they say, are worth a thousand words.

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