New cookbook advocates ‘real’ low-carb foods


Do you know that you would be better off by simply adopting your grandmother’s way of eating, but have a hard time putting it to practice? Then this book is for you.

Jennifer Calihan, who runs the website Eat the Butter, recently released the unique cookbook Dinner Plans.

You can read about how Jennifer transformed her family’s health using the real-food principles outlined in the cookbook here:

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Eat the Butter blogger advocates ‘real’ vintage foods in new cookbook


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  2. Vince
    The real food emphasis is so important. I think its an area that is sometimes overlooked.
  3. Angie
    Where can i get this book? Love the Diet Doctor site and all of the insightful information and all of the great recipes. Thank you so much Diet Doctor for changing my Life!!
  4. Anne
    I have found authentic vintage recipes on such as -

    Not certain where to purchase the special flours, but there are lots of recipes using almond flour etc

  5. Jennifer
    I purchased this cookbook for myself and love it so much I bought one for my Mom and sister. It’s fantastic! Beautiful pictures and you’ll never wonder what’s for dinner again.

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