New analysis: Avoiding butter no better for health


Avoiding butter and replacing it with vegetable oils may not have any health benefits. Another new BMJ study finds that one of the old trials (The Minnesota Coronary Trial) used to support the war on fat was a total failure – that was later hidden.

Not only did people who replaced saturated fats with vegetable oils not improve their health or longevity. But in fact people who lowered their cholesterol more by eating vegetable oils died earlier!

It’s high time to discard the obsolete fear of natural saturated fat, like real butter.


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  1. Ari
    The story of the first link is very revealing: ""The coleader of the project was Dr. Ancel Keys, author of the Seven Countries Study, Time cover subject, and the most prominent advocate of replacing saturated fat with vegetable fat. “The idea that there might be something adverse about lowering cholesterol [via vegetable oils] was really antithetical to the dogma of the day,” Bob Frantz said."
  2. tony
    These low fat creeps will go to any lengths to hide the truth. I wouldn't be surprised there are many other studies that have been lost and the researchers have died in "accidents" or "natural causes before their time."
  3. Cindy C
    Study on need for carnitine in diet, and mutations, whereas, the body cannot produce it on its own.

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