1. Apicius
    Here's one part of the story that really got my attention: "Estimates are that the hearing has already cost the council around R1million, with no end in sight."

    Really?! Isn't there a better way to spend all that money to benefit South African citizens?! What a waste!

  2. Eric
    Maybe this process will create public discussion and thought on diets in general and baby food transition from formula or breast milk.

    In a tweet format what could or should be the reply? SILANCE? High carb cereals for baby? Meat and vegetables seems like what has been the transition foods for much of human history. Baby grains is the new outlier IMO.

    Is this a case of true believers or just stupidity and arrogance?


  3. RT
    The people involved in accusing Noakes are backing themselves into a corner with their ignorance and incompetence. Alleged experts on nutritional matters who conflate ketosis with ketoacidosis? Seriously? Claiming that advocating LCHF is "not evidence- based" ? Seriously? They might as well be asserting that the earth is flat. Which I'm sure they would if it were somehow expedient.

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