Most Americans Eat More Than 15 Hours Per Day

A new study used a smartphone app to track the eating of normal non-dieting Americans. The findings are pretty scary.

Most people eat during more than 15 hours per day, fasting less than 9 hours over night. And it’s not uncommon for people to eat more than 15 times per day. In fact, even the 10 percent of people who eat the fewest number of times per day averaged 4.22 eating events per day.

LATimes: Longer fasts might help with weight loss but Americans eat all day long

What happened to eating 3 times per day? In fact, apart from eating highly processed high-carb foods, constant eating may be the most effective way to get fat.

So how do you eat to lose weight? Simple in theory. Eat plenty of satiating low-carb food when you are hungry, and only eat when you are hungry.

This should bring you back to eating 3 times per day, perhaps even less. And you’re pretty much guaranteed to lose excess weight without hunger and with no need for extra exercise.

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  1. charles grashow
    The full study
    A Smartphone App Reveals Erratic Diurnal Eating Patterns in Humans that Can Be Modulated for Health Benefits

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