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A couple of new possibilities with the new site design: On the right side you can see the most popular posts from the last month (or year, if you click “one year” at the bottom). Observe that above those five small pictures you can click “comments” to easily find the latest comments here.

Another new function is that you can now give other comments a “thumbs up” if you like.

Regarding the header: Many people want me to replace the cartoon doc with a picture of myself. Maybe I will. Observe though that the cartoon changes every day to a new theme, so if you don’t like this one check it again tomorrow.


  1. Jean (UK)
    I like the cartoon doc because it changes every day.
  2. Apparently the cartoon image changes daily - coz this one has nothing to do with your basic principles.

    Newcomers to your site will think - oh just another 'going with the flow' health site.

    Weight lifting? Come on? How does something so anti-establishment (low carb diets) fit with this image. The message will only confuse.

    I am an admirer of your work, but there are signs of a graphic/web designer at work here introducing staid concepts, with the use of 'stock' images.

  3. The other thing is that the cartoon doesn't even look like you! I am STILL of the opinion you need a real picture of you on your page, all the time, every day. BTW, if you can rotate the cartoon, you can rotate real pictures, too :-)
  4. panny
    The most important part is the initial impression - those of us that come back, come back for the great articles and information you provide - not for a changing graphic. Others won't know if it changes every day but will be influenced a lot by the initial impression. For that reason, and in my humble opinion, I think you should stick with a picture of your good self.

    I also think a better, more descriptive slogan - 'real food for your health' is a bit generic. Even something like 'LCHF: The science and movement of Low Carb, High Fat nutrition'. (I'm sure there's a better way to say that).

    Or: 'Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt: The Low Carb, High Fat movement in Sweden and beyond' (again the wording could be better).

    I believe there's two main draws to your site/blog:
    1. The science and movement of LCHF
    2. The unique link to the movement in Sweden and that you're a doctor from there
    If you can get these points across in the simplest way, it will attract new followers.

    I understand wanting to lead with a more general intro into health and the fear that some will immediately be closed off by seeing 'low carb' or 'high fat' - however, being bold will attract more attention. Also, I'm guessing that most traffic will be referrals through social media to your site and the low carb idea will already be in people's minds.

  5. What gharkness said!
  6. Alexandra M
    You need to adjust the proportions of the thumbnail photos under "More." In one you look like an obese guy in a suit! I suppose it could be my monitor, but all the other photos look fine. Anybody else see this?

    I love the thumbs up!

  7. Nana Morken
    Nice new design! But, I wish this up-dated site didn't still have the bad advice to consume canola oil !!!
  8. Like the site changes. Looks cool!
  9. Fiona
    I agree that a photo would be nice! It's quite reassuring when researching on the net to see a face behind the name.

    I agree with Nana though about the Canola oil - I would also like to know the reasoning behind that inclusion!

    Other than that, I think the site looks excellent. I like having a section for the science, and it would be great to see this updated often with all the latest studies - even those dismissive of LCHF, then we at least have them all in one place in order to critique them!

  10. eddie watts
    my understanding is that canola oil is a different product in sweden from older blog posts/comments?
    loving the new blog and look, although initially i was put off as i dislike it when websites change and it takes time to get used to it again. facebook is the worse for this!
  11. This issue with oils is the excess of Omega 6s; we get far more of those now than historically.

    Here's a pretty good link on good vs bad oils:

  12. Diane
    I like the cartoon doc. He's offering me a glass of red wine! The site looks clean and crisp.

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