More milestones for Diet Doctor


Fantastic. More and more people are being told about this site. The number of visitors are just exploding, blasting past 20,000 visits per day like nothing*.

As always, a big thanks to everybody telling their friends and family. Together we’ll help more and more people in need of the truth behind all the diet-and-health misinformation. We’ll help more and more people regain their health.

Another milestone

This site also reached 10,000 likes on Facebook yesterday. Welcome all!

*/ One reason for the recent dramatic increase could be the start of daily updates instead of a few times a week. I’ll try to keep it up as long as there are important and interesting things to write about (which should be forever).


  1. moona
    that is good, I have told my all friend and family member. first they got surprised and then i sent them your link they good convinced, my mother is also now on LCHF diet. I am happy.
    you know fat was like an enemy throughout our life and now it is friend :)
  2. marcus
    Keep up the good work - always find the links and articles interesting
  3. Ron and Kris
    I tell everyone that my Doctor Andreas says..........Thanks for all the hard work.
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  5. Francoise is THE site I refer people to for information and education on LCHF.

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