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Wow. More and more people are being told about this site. The number of visits are increasing every week and yesterday was a new record: More than 16,000 visits in a day. The chart above shows the number of daily visits since 2011.

A big thanks to everybody telling their friends about this site. There’s a lot of disastrous misinformation about diet and health out there, resulting in millions of people suffering needlessly. Together we can help at least some of them.


So who visited yesterday? Most people were from the US (10,776), Canada (1,102), the UK (972) and Australia (463). Also there were quite a few South Africans (195). The food revolution is getting started there as well.

All in all there were visits from 116 countries. Where are you from?


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  1. Carol
    I am from Australia :-) It appears that the LCHF movement is fairly strong Down Under, and growing daily. It is a crying shame that my doctor still advocates HCLF and during my last visit he rushed me off for a full lipid panel test when I informed him happily that I chow down on butter, eggs, bacon and coffee with cream. The results showed that my HDL was triple that recommended by the guidelines and my Triglycerides were extremely low so I continue eating a very high fat diet. I come from Hobart, on the beautiful island of Tasmania, where we have amazing access to grass fed dairy and meat. Many of my friends and family still cringe when I tell them my daily regime but I feel amazing!!
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  2. Mira
    Hello from Israel! I'm a family physician and I send my patients to your site. I've had some excellent results with some of my patients on LCHF.
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  1. Peggy Holloway
    I included this site on the handout I distributed at the church health fair where I spoke last Sunday! Glad to spread the word.
  2. Liv
    I am trying to do my best to spread the word of LCHF and your blog in Indiana before I move back to Sweden this summer.
  3. Henriette
    Denmark While i understand Swedish ok I prefer English ;) sad but true.
  4. Guido Vogel
    Am I the only one from the Netherlands :-) ?
    Reply: #19
  5. Powell River, BC, Canada - a small town on the West Coast. When training clients who want to lose weight, I open the blog on my computer & show them a few things like the LCHF For Beginners page & the video - particularly the frames of the 2 meals and the associated blood sugar curves. While I have it open, I ask for their e-mail & then e-mail it to them. My actions do not contribute to the virality much, but they have proven very effective for my few clients. I really appreciate what you, Yoni Freedhof, Ben Goldacre, Aseem Malhotra, Gary Taubes, Stephan Guyenet and Tim Noakes are doing. Unfortunately many people leave school only having learned compliance. Most folks are really out of touch with their bodies.
  6. Lucas Reis
    Low carbing from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil! :D

    Congratulations for the blog, it's awesome.

  7. Nads
    Australia! I would love us to be part of the revolution! Have referred numerous people to your beginners page as it's such a great page!
  8. Liza Pawlowska
    Spreading the word in London! Love your site! Are you coming to London for any seminars this year??
  9. angie
    Hi greets from germany, thanks for all the helpful information. spreading the lchf seeds around here, some are growing yet :)
  10. Cecilia
    Greetings from Paris - France!! LCHF has been so helpful to me! I try to spread the word, but it's hard!
  11. Ronelle
    From South Africa. The revolution is certainly taking momentum here!
  12. murray
    That is an abrupt spike. Any idea as to why the sudden leap in traffic?
  13. Sigríður
    Iceland! :)
  14. Mariola
    Hello¡¡ I'm from Spain, trying to loose weight with low carb high fat diet¡
  15. David
    Another from Australia!
  16. Carol
    I am from Australia :-) It appears that the LCHF movement is fairly strong Down Under, and growing daily. It is a crying shame that my doctor still advocates HCLF and during my last visit he rushed me off for a full lipid panel test when I informed him happily that I chow down on butter, eggs, bacon and coffee with cream. The results showed that my HDL was triple that recommended by the guidelines and my Triglycerides were extremely low so I continue eating a very high fat diet. I come from Hobart, on the beautiful island of Tasmania, where we have amazing access to grass fed dairy and meat. Many of my friends and family still cringe when I tell them my daily regime but I feel amazing!!
  17. Hi from Cornwall, UK. I've been spreading the word through my Facebook page Low-Carb Resources, which has several links to your useful site.
  18. Kruuann
    Hi I'm from Thailand now very happy life with LCHF ..
  19. Morganier
    No Guido, no worries, lots of us (Dutch) around. LCHF is getting known and getting more recognition every day. Helas often seen as a temporary diet-hype. But I noticed that "roomboter" (real butter) is sometimes almost sold out....
  20. Juan
    From Spain, very interested in LCHF evolution in northern Europe. Congratulations!
  21. Rob
    This is a great site so increase in popularity is well deserved. As for the whole LC movement, it is definitely gaining ground in Australia. When I read an online news article about obessity, preaching the same old high carb low fat bullshit it gets destroyed in the comments section, in fact I have seen some articles get taken down or removed from front page within hours due to how badly they get criticised. It seems the professionals in this country are the only ones that dont get it, maybe all those carbs affecting their thinking.
  22. Eeva
    I live in the US but I'm originally from Finland. I've even lived in Sweden back in the days. :-)
  23. Great to see the word getting out about your site! 16k visitors/day is no joke!
  24. Elena
    Australia too! Have been eating this way the last... 7 or 8 years. Have had 2 beatiful healthy babies in the meantime :)
    So happy that your page is growing popular :)
  25. Meghan
    Calgary, Alberta Canada. (Cambridge, Ontario when I first found the site 15 months ago) :)
  26. Anne Robertson
    I'm British but living in France for thirty years now. I've been eating this way for four years and seen a vast improvement in my health. My husband teaches English to student nurses and he finds himself teaching them the real biochemistry of cholesterol and why animal fats are good and refined carbohydrates bad. He's recently put online a thorough refutation in French of the FFC's pamphlet on the dangers of cholesterol. We spread the word whenever we can, and we send people to the French version of the introduction to LC/HF on this site.
  27. Jane
    Low carbing in Poitiers, France. Love your blog! I've lost 15 kgs and stayed stable now for a year, the longest I've ever been at a healthy weight. Trying to spread the word but it's not easy.
  28. Bar Kohavi
    greetings from Israel, i'm the owner of fitness& health club. and hoping to help spread the word as much as possible.
  29. JAUS
    Happy to see that South Africa is finding the path back to it's roots again. Our ancestors that lived in South Africa ate a ketogenic, Low Carb, High Fat diet, and so did the Kalahari Bushmen for at least 100 000 years.

    I recommend the book "Dawn over the Kalahari - how humans became human" by Lasse Berg (ISBN: 9186528106). The book originally written in Swedish is about our ancestors from Africa and the bushmen that still lives in South Africa.

  30. Margrét
    Reykjavík, Iceland :)
  31. Mira
    Hello from Israel! I'm a family physician and I send my patients to your site. I've had some excellent results with some of my patients on LCHF.
  32. Alan
    I teach an introductory Biological Anthropology class here in the middle of the USA at the University level; last semester I did a nutrition and evolution lecture or two, and all 200+ students watched The Food Revolution talk by Andreas. I plan to keep on doing it. Cheers.
  33. Swiss Chard
    Grüezi from Switzerland and thanks for the Blog and Videos !
  34. Low carb zealot
    Lowcarbing in Ireland :-)
  35. Sel
    Another Aussie here! I have lost 8kg in less than 2 months, no hunger, no struggle. I am trying to spread the word when people say 'you look like you've lost weight'. That is a great open door and is usually followed by "So what have you been eating?"

    I also love the way people get so surprised when they witness me eating a slice of butter topped with anchovies or put cream in my coffee and eat the fat on my steak and skin on my chicken while they eat plates full of steamed rice and fat free sugar sauce loaded 'healthy vegetarian stirfry'.

    Quorn is getting a big advertising boost here (fake, gluten free meat subsititute). All I can see is growing bellies and people starving on 'Heart Healthy' fat fee and 'juice' diets and told to exercise over an hour every day.

    Better hair, nails, skin, hayfever gone, IBS almost completely gone, better sense of taste and smell and clear head.

    I foward the link to this blog whenever someone seems remotely interested.

    Thanks for never disappointing who I send here.

  36. Madge
    Greetings from Birmingham, AL, USA! Love your site. Keep up the good work.
  37. Ray
    Windsor, On., Canada
    LCHF for 2 years and my wife and I have dropped a respectable 65 lbs each. Our family Dr was dubious, sent us for lots of tests and we are all happy with the results. No more meds for high blood pressure or cholesterol. Never hungry. Both of us feel great. We credit Gary Taubes for helping us make an informed decision to stop our high carb suicide eating. Further we thank you for your informative site as well as YouTube for making available so many videos by experts providing facts and not fiction.
  38. Ivan
    Greetings from Indonesia! :D
    My journey of low carbing started in June 2012 by the sole guide of your english version of LCHF for Beginner. Lost 18 kgs in 3 months and my weight is stable now at the ideal 60 kgs for a 168cm guy. Ran my first 10K in August 2012, and then a couple more races in 2012. I'm currently at the fittest point of my life!
    And obviously, I point people to this site whenever they ask, how can I do this dramatic change ;)
  39. Checking in from Iowa, USA!

    Fantastic to see this blog grow and flourish. Congratulations on all your hard work, Dr. Eenfeldt! You're changing the world, one post at a time. :P

  40. Nici
    Another "Grüezi" from Zurich, Switzerland (but I'm avctually German, not Swiss). Thanks for all the information given here. I have a hard time spreading the word to my personal trainer...
    Keep up the great work!
  41. Susie b
    And 'Hi There' from Scotland! Moving on to LCHF has made an unbelievable difference to my diabetes! And I would have found it increadibly difficult to do without having the LCHF Beginners page. I'm already on just half the medication I was on (and looking to come off the other half very shortly and going back to being just diet controlled).

    I'm lucky enough to have a supportive doctor who actually started out by recommending I look at changing to a LCHF lifestyle! Not to mention what I'm eating is delicious!

    Thanks again - I find the blog really interesting and to all of you who take time to comment too, it's very thought provoking and often enlightening.

  42. nemer
    Dear Dr. Eenfeldt,
    nearly a quarter of a century ago, in 1990, after a series of articles in the press Polish doctor Jan Kwasniewski published a book called "Optimal nutrition", which was published in more than 300,000 copies. In short we can say that it was a LCHF diet but with his rules. Kwasniewski also released another publication. In a nutshell, the author says that the food consumed should be in the following ratio of protein to fat and carbohydrates - 1:2,5-3,5:0,6.
    In private practice, and publications he promote this type of diet, but as a doctor ostracized reluctance of the medical community and the government.
    I am writing this because I am a victim of a sick, criminal propaganda, ignorance and stupidity of doctors as well as corruption in the world of pharmacy.
    I has got brain stroke in 1997 and one my carotid artery was cleaning (the other is blocked at 100%) After that I used a LCHF diet but a year later, under pressure from doctors who care for me, I quit this diet, which resulted in the need to implant me 4 by-pass'es because for angioplasty was already too late. Since then I returned to the LCHF diet, called with us, "Kwasniewski diet" that is, since 2003. My health is getting better, I have more and better stress test and CT did not show a deterioration in the status of my blood arteries. By-pass'es clean as well but I have to fight with cardiologists who consider me to be a suicider, and I think that they look at me like an idiot sometimes.
    I say yes, I'm very, very happy with this blog because it gives me the strength to continue the LCHF diet.
    Just one more thing to the end. I made a few mistakes by learning to live on this diet, because sometimes exaggerate the amount of protein, making it difficult to maintain an appropriate BMI, but very easy I lose weight using LCHF guarding 1 protein: 2,5-3,5 fat: 0.6 carbs . According to Kwasniewski's important is the size of meals to BMI.

     Thank you Dr. Eenfeldt for this blog.

    Sincerely, Nemer

    Reply: #55
  43. SOUTH AFRICA! The revolution has certainly spread thanks to our very own Professor Tim Noakes. He was the one who introduced me to LCHF, and I can't wait to start cutting out ALL carbs and sugars from this week. Was just doing some research before taking the plunge. GREAT WEBSITE!
    Reply: #44
  44. Zepp
    Noe.. not Nocarb, stick to low carb.. dont cut out low starchy veggies if you dont need too!

    Read about the transitation problems befor you start!

    "Initial side effects
    If you stop eating sugar and starch cold turkey (recommended) you may experience some side effects as your body adjusts. For most people these side effects tend to be mild and last a just few days. There are also ways to minimize them.

    Common during the first week:

    Heart palpitations
    The side effects rapidly subside as your body adapts and your fat burning increases. They can be minimized by drinking some extra fluids and by temporarily increasing your salt intake a bit. A good option is to drink some broth every few hours. Alternatively, drink a few extra glasses of water and put extra salt on your food.

    The reason for this is that carbohydrate-rich foods may increase the water retention in your body. When you stop eating high-carb foods you’ll lose excess water through your kidneys. This can result in dehydration and lack of salt during the first week, before the body has adapted.

    Some people prefer to decrease their intake of carbohydrates slowly, over a few weeks, to minimize the side effects. But the “Nike way” (Just Do It) is probably the best choice for most people. Removing most sugar and starch often results in several pounds lost on the scale within a few days. It may be mostly fluids but it’s great for the motivation."

  45. Erik
    My waist messured 155 down to 100 and going for 90.
    LCHF works!
    An excellent website.....congratulations!
  46. Hilbil
    South Africa! Lots of people are using a LCHF diet to loose weight and to achieve better PB's in running and cycling. One of our Olympic swimmers followed LCHF diet leading up to the games and came home with gold!

    Personally I have lost 10 kg and am nearing my goal weight, I feel fantastic. Thanks for a great website.

  47. Kate
    The sunny British Virgin Islands! Spreading the word here whenever I can (to the many skeptics). Lots of people struggling with their weight in this country and the Caribbean on their starchy, high sugar diets. Hope you soon have 32,000 hits a day : ). Thanks for the site doc, it's much appreciated.
  48. Nicola
    Hi, I'm from Scotland and completely new to all this! My boyfriend and I have made a pact to embark on the LCHF diet together and I've just purchased the book that started it all from amazon - 'Lose Weight by Eating (Scandinavian Diet)' by Sten Sture Skaldeman. cannot wait to get started! Just wondering how people manage their eating when they work different hours every day, I read that it's best to eat at regular times but most days this is simply not possible. has anyone else came up against this problem? Love to you all :)
  49. Zepp
    Well you probably dont belive it now.. but after you transformed yor body to a fat burning machine, one dont need to eat so often.. one live on the stored fat.

    And thats one of the major goals.. to be a fat burner.. and one have a lot of fat stored.

    Eating at regular times is a behavior thing.. ie one get good eating habits.. could be a social thing altso, make planings easy.

    Its quite comon to eat two times a day.. and thats a real benefit.. one have time to do other things.. and planing is very easy.

  50. Nicola
    Great advice! Thanks very much Zepp! I'm looking forward to becoming a fat burning machine ;) xxx
  51. Zepp
    I realy like that book.. it was the first I read too.

    He is writing in a style that comes from his personal experience.. and he is funny to read too.. if one like this dry scandinavian style of humor!

    After that I read the Atkins book, it didnt have the same impact on me.

  52. Liz
    Hello from Leeds, England!

    Loving the LCHF diet....appetite completely satisfied, losing weight and feeling recharged! :)

    This Cardiac Nurse will try her best to spread the word, however we have to adhere to NHS/NICE/Government guidelines for 'healthy eating' :(

    Continue with the good work guys! x

  53. It's remarkable to pay a quick visit this web page and reading the views of all mates regarding this article, while I am also eager of getting familiarity.
  54. Martin
    I'm from La Plata, Argentina. Thanks for the information on your site!!!
  55. matuVet
    Hi. I created not long time ago a grup on facebook for people that are on optimal diet by Dr. Kwasniewski. If you are interested of exchanging information or advices I will be more than pleased if you join us. The grup is in polish, however for sure someone will speak english there.
    You can find us on "Klasyczna Dieta Optymalna Dr. Jana Kwaśniewskiego" on Facebook.

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