Mastering your food cravings – Stephanie Dodier

1,419 viewsAfter ending up at the emergency room at age 36 with a severe panic attack, Stephanie Dodier completely changed the course of her life. When looking back on her life at that point, she realized she had been using food as emotional comfort since she was a kid.

Her journey in the natural health field, including nutrition, began shortly after. In this presentation, she shares what she has learned about emotional eating, what really causes cravings and much more.


Stephanie Dodier:  As you can tell from the picture I’ve always been taller. About a head taller than most girls my age, and I always have been chubby. I was born chubby, and at the age of nine years old my family moved from one town to the other.

And I became lonely no friends in that new neighborhood and I used food to not feel lonely, and then my journey with what I didn’t know at the time an emotional relationship to food began.

And, I went to school, got a diploma in health science, and for some reason I ended up in business for 15 years. Completely different course, but that got me to a point at the age of 36 where I had a commonly known as nervous breakdown.

Ended up in hospital with severe panic attack and at that time I was about 300 pounds. And I needed a solution for my panic attack and the doctor solution was anti-depression and anxiety medication, and I decided intuitively I don’t know where but there was a voice that was telling me this is not the solution.

I went back to school, became a nutritionist, opened a clinic, saw volumes of patients for about three years I looked at every angle possible to try to heal what I believed at the time was simply nutrition, food and exercise, and I lost a bunch of weight, but I became a statistic.

I lost the weight and I gained some back. It was not about sugar craving, because I was eating real food, low-carb. I wasn’t craving sugar, I was using food emotionally.


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Mastering your food cravings — Stephanie Dodier

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