Massive headlines in the UK: Eat more fat

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A Low Carb, High Fat Diet for Beginners


Here are interviews with two of the founding members of the Public Health Collaboration:

How to Make Your Food a Powerful Medicine, Not a Slow Poison – Dr. Aseem Malhotra
Seven Tips to Make Low Carb Simple – Dr. Rangan Chatterjee


New Analysis: Avoiding Butter No Better for Health

“Pass the Butter: The Experts Were All Wrong”


  1. Jacqueline
    Yet every discussion I've seen on British TV ends with an expert (dinosaur) warning the nation to avoid saturated because it will kill you! ?
  2. Fiona
    As usual, the same story is given a very different spin, depending on where you read it. The BBC are wheeling out all the usual suspects!
    If I have to listen to Susan Jebb lecturing on 'portion control' one more time, I swear I'll spontaneously combust!
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  3. Bob T
    I hope you don't see this as spam and remove it. Check out the real story behind this from the BBC News desk.
  4. Bob T
    come on baby light my fire. Tell us she is wrong and burst into flames go on LOL When you get to it you'll realise the lchf diet is all about portion size and then there is fasting where you don't have to worry about portion size you just don't eat.
  5. Andy
    I have been a LCHF advocate for years and it seems unbelievable that this has taken so long to get real attention. Even so the reporting is still based around "no one really knows" and "more conflicting advice" I listened to the today programme (BBC) and like a previous poster I was amazed at Susan Jebb banging on about" its not the advice that is wrong just that people don't follow it" band waggon. There is also some confusion about safe carbs (non refined) which dilutes the LCHF message.
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  6. Bob T
    Hi Andy The link I posted remarks that the National Obesity Forum quoted just 43 studies, some of which were comment pieces. Not very conclusive evidence is it. The government recommendations on the dangers of to much fat is based upon some thing like this. Scroll down the page to see a short video on Insulin Resistance.
  7. Bob T
    The world has been a busy place today. Check this out.
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  9. Stealth

    What did you eat BEFORE you were diagnosed with diabetes?

    Do you check your post-prandial blood sugars 1 and 2 hours after you start eating those "healthy" whole grains?

    Since you came to this website, be sure you read this:

  10. Apicius
    Bob T,
    I'm starting to formulate the idea that this whole fiasco on obesity and diabetes, caused by increased consumption of grains and sugar, was really brought on by idiot animal welfare groups...who lie and cheat, giving misleading data (as the billboard in your link) just to divert people from eating animal based foods.
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  11. Pierre
    It is just about money.

    The margin of profit on junk food is much bigger than on healthy products.

    The anointed want the best quality for themselves while the masses while be fed like cows in CAFO site.

    That is why your regulary see papers on vegetalism and papers about insect consumtion instead of meat.

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  12. Apicius
    I can just see the aliens in outer space right now looking down on our planet and laughing..."look at those idiot earthlings. The profiteers succeeded in convincing them to stop eating delicious and nutritious steaks, to instead eat crickets!!"
  13. Stephanie
    Its all about money and a bit of sustainability. There's not enough land/sea/resources to feed everyone meat, veg and fish on current systems (especially not organic, grass fed, wild, ecologically sourced, etc.)

    Grains are an internationally traded commodity, our supermarket shelves are stuffed with grains, sugar and processed foods. If 70% of the population ate lchf most of the time, farms, supply chains, big businesses would have to change enormously. There would be so much money lost by big players that I can't see the government ever backing it.

    In a supermarket I, like so many of us here, walk past 80% of the isles without even considering them. Imagine if the value of all these goods, shelf space and shelf stackers if half the population shopped like us?

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  14. Pierre
    "There's not enough land/sea/resources to feed everyone meat, veg and fish on current systems (especially not organic, grass fed, wild, ecologically sourced, etc.)"

    This is a vegetarian myth, you should read the book of Lierre Keith.

  15. Apicius
    Stephanie, what peer reviewed research data are you basing your arguments on? Or are they just your opinions? If I eat half pound of meat per day, everyday. How many pounds would that come out to? What percentage of a cow does that represent? Can you do the math? Or perhaps the equivalent weight in crickets would be so much more sustainable...according to your ingenious arguments.

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