Margarine with added butter – is this a joke?


I came across this amusing tweet by film-maker Damon Gameau this morning:

Signs of identity issues within the Food Industry: first ‘Coke plus fibre‘ to improve ur health and now Flora margarine..with added butter.

Couldn’t have put it better. What do you think – is the fake-food industry having an identity crisis?


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  1. George
    Anything to sell their products eh?
  2. Peter
    Having worked for (an American) big food company for 35 years, I can tell you that these companies do not set out to cause harm or produce nutritionally deficient foods. On the contrary, most of the large food companies try to be as responsible as possible in their formulations whilst taking valid low cost options wherever possible. They simply try to respond to consumer preferences and trends when producing their products. The big message that has come from governments and the medical profession for the last 30 years has been eat vegetables and fruit and avoid meat and fat and so it is not surprising that consumers responded by wanting low fat products and producers made low fat spreads like Flora.
    Now we are starting to see some consumers wanting Butter but still a negative atmosphere over saturated continues hence hybrid products like this are a natural response to current trends.

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