Major fitness company: eat butter, it’s good for you!


Eat butter! That’s what Les Mill, one of the world’s largest fitness companies, now recommends. They are behind fitness programs like BodyPump – and many others – that you’ll probably find at your gym.

Les Mills: A lot better with butter

According to Les Mills, there are no scientific reasons to fear butter, this flawed idea has been a mistake from the very beginning.

Perhaps Les Mills doesn’t reach as many as, for example, the cover of Time Magazine. But it’s another sign that more and more people – even in the fitness world – are leaving the outdated fear of fat behind.


The Science of Saturated Fat: A Big Fat Surprise?

TIME: Eat Butter. Scientists Labeled Fat the Enemy. Why They Were Wrong.

WSJ: “The Dubious Science Behind the Anti-Fast Crusade”

Saturated Fat Completely Safe According to New Big Review of all Science!


  1. Megan
    I used to be a member of Les Mills in NZ and one thing the brand is known for is being at the forefront. Glad to see the message about fat is getting through everywhere!
  2. tony
    We are seeing LCHF domino theory at play.
  3. Libby at
    Yay New Zealand. We are a small country but the LCHF message is slowly getting out there.
  4. Brenda
    I think our children know more than we think. What I mean by this is both my kids, and now my granddaughter all tried to eat butter, just butter. I remember when my son and daughter at about 3 or 4, same age as my granddaughter, all attempted to eat a stick of butter. My son almost ate a whole stick, thought he was going to be sick. I dont know what is is, but they all just like butter. Even my granddaughter, she see butter sitting out, see tries to go for it. Again, maybe they know something we just did not know before, something internal. Jut my thoughts.
  5. Bill Hazeldine
    We have some of the best butter in the world in New Zealand. Our cows are fed on pasture. Cows fed on fast growing green grass produce butter containing vitamin K2 and many other valuable nutrients. Vitamin K 2 helps to prevent tooth decay. Cows fed on grains and or on "feed" lots do not produce butter with vitamin K 2, the presence of K 2 in butter is indicated by the deep yellow colour.
    The Government of New Zealand permits local bodies to add fluoride, a poison, to drinking water, in the vain belief that it prevents tooth decay in children.
    Yes we are a small country Libby, But the Government of our country are not the brightest, simply because they are following the failed methods of the U.S.A. and the corrupt leadership of the F.D.A. The George McGovern Committee introduced the low fat /high carbohydrate food pyramid to the U.S.A. that brought on the obesity epidemic.
    If we must follow the lead of any other country, I would prefer it to be Sweden, they are way out in front of the rest of the world when it comes to public health.
    A good rule is to "learn from other's mistakes , you won't live long enough to make them all yourself."

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