Lunch at the diabetes conference


Here’s the lunch bag we got at the diabetes meeting. And here are the contents:



This is the lunch we got, in addition to water.

Some irony, to say the least: Sugar, sugar and starch. Cheap junk. The very things that lead to the diabetes epidemic, which this meeting is about.

It’s particularly ironic as the meeting is almost exclusively about drugs and molecules and statistics. There’s zero lectures on what happens if diabetics try to avoid eating what they can’t tolerate. Something that may be a necessary first step.

What do you think will happen to my blood sugar if I have this for lunch? I decided to test with a blood sugar monitor. What do you think it peaked at?

Continued: The Result of My Diabetes Lunch


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  1. andrew
    Was there anything other food in the bag?
  2. KDM
    Yikes!! This is worse than I guessed!! Looks like about 65 g carbs, more than I've eaten in the last week in total. I think your BS will peak at 11 mmol/L.
  3. Lou
    You're a pretty healthy guy Andreas, so I'm guessing no higher than 175. What a mess!
  4. Joe
    Wow Andreas. Is that for real?
    They actually gave that at the conference. What a joke!

    What did your BGL get to? I guess 11.

  5. FrankG
    Even ignoring the irony of their poor choices, I'd say that if that were offered me as a "lunch" rather than just a "snack" I'd be demanding my money back! Where is the food?

    Also sad to think that you are in Vienna, a city I thought, famed for its quality food in cafes and restaurants... and yet they offer you this junk.

    Finally... sure it is predictably cheap and nasty but presented as if you're getting a "treat"... I'd be interested in how many start to nod off during the afternoon sessions after eating that.

    I'd expect a spike in your BG but mainly because you are not accustomed to so many refined carbs... I'd also expect your BG to plummet down again soon after... enjoy the roller-coaster ride! :-(

    On the other hand at least you got water rather than juice or soda... maybe there is a glimmer of hope for the future after all?

  6. Carmen
    This is so typical, every time I attend a conference I am very disappointed with the lunch boxes. I just came back from one and it was sad to see that there was nothing but, mushy bread sandwiches, brownies and chips in it. And on top of that, all they had to drink were sodas and diet sodas, not even plain water.
  7. Takeda
    Not surprising really when the money isn't in curing anyone … just maintaining the recommended dosages of drugs.

    The 'Industry' doesn't want anyone to stop needing their assistance … the mainstream medicine and BigPharm lobbyists want you to be hooked/dependent on their products for LIFE.

    Scheduled Obsolescence … it's this principle that a customer that will keep coming back and buying their crap which drives the worldwide BUYBUYBUY economy. We aren't citizens of this corporate world … we're simply consumers to be exploited. The Cure for diabetes is not eating high-glycemic carbs … but those are the most profitable.

    The box the breakfast cereal costs them more than the contents. You're paying for packaging, product-placement in the store and in the media (movies, TV shows, etc.), and a pittance for what's in the box when the massive markup from the manufacturer and the retailers goes right into their pockets. You are left with a belly full of crap that will ultimately force you into the welcome arms of BigMed and BigPharm.

    They've created a market for a ton of things that are toxic to us but we're told is necessary.

    Funny how we've been doing just fine as a species for millions of years without anti-statins, injectable insulin for people forced into metabolic syndrome, low-fat high-carb slow-death.

    Bleckh! Hate this crap!!!

  8. mezzo
    Looks familiar - I got almost exactly the same terrible stuff at a conference on a very different subject. The piece of fruit we got was a green apple - inedible. Everything else was just pure crap.
  9. John Myers
    Better to eat the paper bag.
    Reply: #25
  10. Jules
    No surprise here. A coworker of mine was just diagnosed with type2. Yesterday, she was at her desk eating a huge bowl of pasta, with tomato sauce... She told me that her dietitian recommended that she eat a healthy serving of carbs with every meal!! Doesn't make sense to me! I guess that keeps the big pharma's happy! Insulin, test strips, etc!! Big business. Why try to cure the disease, it better for business if its managed!!
  11. Kamila
    That is so sad but not surprising. The trash they serve at an average american hospital is similar to your lunch.

    Sad indeed.

  12. Heather
    I am surprised!
    I guess they are all about eat what ever and take the drugs.
    What a shame!
  13. Jennifer
    I love it when you post these terrible lunches form diabetes and obesity conferences! The irony is amazing!
  14. Paul the rat
    @ DietDoctor
    "What do you think will happen to my blood sugar if I have this for lunch? I decided to test with a blood sugar monitor. What do you think it peaked at?"

    If you are in ketosis for a long time, it can go over 200 easy - body is very efficient in blocking glucose from entering cells.

  15. John Myers
    $10 bucks if you pull a Christ move and tip the table over and stomp on the lunch bags, $10 Andreas!
    Reply: #23
  16. Vita
    The only real food item is the banana, the rest is junk. Sheesh, you might as well starve, there's no other option :D
    Reply: #17
  17. erdoke
    If you see a banana from industrialized agriculture, stick to the green pieces. Many zoos stopped feeding animals with regular banana after discovering quick spread of rottening teeth...
  18. Tom
    Regardless of LCHF, It's an embarrassing lunch in any situation.
  19. Mark j
    OMG that's unbelievable
  20. Alain
    They have forgotten to put a soda can!
  21. Zepp
    I could eat the banana.. the rest is pure crap/candy!
  22. LarryB
    OK - by any standards, that's awful.
    I guess at least 200 mg/dl blood glucose.
    I used to work for a HUGE multi-national software company, and conference lunches always included salad options in addition to special-needs meals (Kosher, Halal, vegetarian, etc.). To be sure, there was also lots of junk - sodas, ice cream bars, cookies - but they weren't in the lunch boxes.
    FWIW, we also had to post little signs saying how much the lunches were worth so that US Government employees could (theoretically) skip ones that were worth more than $5.
  23. bill
    I'd go $20!
  24. Brenda
    Thats it!

    Not much of a lunch. All snacking foods that are no good for you. Bannana is close, at least its not processed like the chips and candy.

  25. Brenda
    Yummy, fiber.
  26. Sue
    I am embarrassed to think that they even thought this was a good lunch! Lunches like this scare me!!!!
  27. Misko
    Haha! I think I would've grabbed the mic and said "This is a joke!...Right?"
  28. Marie
    That is pretty appalling. Time to educate the conference organizers. No wonder there is a diabetes epidemic!
  29. Johnny D.
    It would seem that they are supporting the disease rather then the cure.
  30. Chris A
    The organizers most likely had no clue! I had cardiac catheterization to check for possible blockage as I am type 2diabetic. When I woke up they offered me orange juice or a sugary soft drink, fully aware of my medical record.I had to specifically ask for plain water instead!
  31. Wade Henderson
    Don't forget, the chips are "Gluten Free"

    Kelly's Classic Chips, salted.

    Average nutritional data
    30g serving
    667 kJ 160 kcal 8%
    protein 1,4g 3%
    15,6g 6%
    of which sugars
    0,2g 0%
    fat 10,0g 14%
    of which saturated fatty acids
    0,8g 4%
    fibres 1,3g 5%
    sodium 0,2g 10%

    Unsure of the exact size of the bag in question.
    Looks larger than 30 grams.

  32. Pam
    My husband is a physician. And lately, when he needed to get CME credits, he found some offerings for such a low cost right in the nearest large town. When I inquired it was clear that drug companies were sponsoring the event so that was why they were so inexpensive....
  33. Mitch
    Yes it looks about right.

    Their focus is on technical research and drug development - stuff they are highly trained on.
    To them food is just stuff people eat and it's outside of the scope of the conference.

    The fact that people coming to the conference need to eat is a bit of an inconvenient distraction from the issue at hand. To deal with this catering issue they have contracted a snacks company ( probably the lowest bidder) to provide a typical snack pack commonly enjoyed by the public.

    The medical research on diabetes will continue.

  34. VScM
    That is like having the ignorance to hand out wine samples at the break in an AA meeting.

    Very sad to hear there is no discussion about ways to use nutrition, exercise, lifestyle modification, etc. to reverse T2 diabetes.

  35. cndnrose
    That's not a lunch. There's not even a soggy sandwich. If it were me, I'd have just had a fasting day.
    Reply: #42
  36. AussieKaz
    Here in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, we have a wonderful organisation called The Gawler Foundation. They hold an annual conference called the "Profound Healing - Sustainable Healing Conference". During the two-day conference they offer morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea, all of which is an example of food they provide at their health retreats - extremely healthy vegetarian dishes that contain some carbs, but at least they are low GI carbs. They do not advocate consumption of meat, but that is an personal lifestyle choice for individuals. I have been to several of their retreats and conferences and the food is magnificent, a far cry from the rubbish offered at the Diabetes conferences.
  37. Marcella
    Yikes! I guess that just supports what I hear diabetics tell me, 'I can eat anything I want as long as I take my insulin'.
  38. Karin
    My husband, who has type II, was admitted to the hospital a few months ago. While there, his blood sugar was staying in the high 300's even hitting over 400 at one point. We couldn't understand it as it was under control at home. Then dinner came while I was visiting. Meatloaf (made with bread of course), mashed potatoes, gravy, carrots, cake, and apple juice. I talked to both his nurse and doctor and was told that was what the nutritionist had prescribed and they would just increase his insulin. I was angry. I went in the next day and talked to the nutritionist - certain there was a mistake. She told me that was a diabetic meal. Now I was livid! (I did get permission to bring him meals myself). This is why America can't get their diabetic problem under control. Our medical staff doesn't seem to understand even the basics of nutrition.
  39. MerryKate
    Sheesh...a bunch of refined carbs and no protein? What a rip-off.
  40. TrondO
    Hey this lunch is vegan. Then it can't be all that bad!
  41. MaBryan
    Exactly what I thought..fasting day!

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