Lunch at Obesity Society conference

Great food for an obesity conference, no doubt.

Ali Zentner on Twitter: Lunch at Obesity Society conference

Perhaps not surprisingly, The Obesity Society is one of the shameless and clueless organizations on Coca-Cola’s payroll.


The Obesity Society joins a long line of organizations that really should know better. Like these classic lunches, from the biggest obesity and diabetes conferences in the world:


The Difference in Food Says it All

Better Advice to Lose Weight


  1. Tom Welsh
    Well, what better food to serve at a conference about promoting obesity?
  2. Mike
    Feed them carbs and sugar with the right hand while the left hand is going for the wallet....Perfect business model!
  3. Tor H
    Quite understandable. With no obese people there wouldn't be any obesity conferences.
    Better to keep them obese I guess :)
  4. Thelma KingThiel
    It is distressing to see how we've failed to educate our youth about the dangers of obesity and many other food and lifestyle choices that impact their liver health.

    Many individuals grow up with the mentality that their bodies are invincible. In reality, their body and especially their liver, needs them to know how to protect it from liver related diseases through the use of alcohol, drugs, unhealthy food and lifestyle choices.

    Providing the rationale for changing behaviors is missing. Preventative education starting at an early age, is essential to bringing liver related diseases under control.

    Unfortunately, because the liver is a non-complaining organ most Americans are unaware of the liver and the miracles it performs 24/7. They are clueless about the devastating impact their unhealthy food and lifestyle choices can have on this life sustaining organ.

    The liver has zillions of liver cells serving as the body's micro-chips, converting food into hundreds of essential body functions including producing energy, immune factors, digestive juices (bile), clotting factors, excretion of toxins (alcohol, drugs, pollutants), control of cholesterol and hundreds more. Liver cells are the employees in your personal chemical refinery.

    Making healthy food and lifestyle choices, including limited use of fats, sugar, carbs, alcohol, plus daily exercise will help keep liver cells healthy and your body in good shape. Healthcare providers should be encouraged to check adolescents for potential liver problems. Prevention begins at day one with how much and what we feed our children.
    If any of this information has been helpful to you, please share it with family, friends, and especially teachers.

  5. Apicius
    Note how you don't see obese people in the photo. This is the problem, really. People who don't naturally gain weight get to preach whatever because in the end they can point to their own body and say "you see, I'm eating 'in moderation', and I'm not fat". But, of course, what we don't see are the non-obese people who are ill on the inside. Inside illness is invisible to the naked eye. I gather many in the photo are taking medications for something, like diabetes meds, statins, pain killers, sleep aids, etc.

    Actually, I think I see a small clue visible to the eye...note the crease on the ear lobe of the gentleman getting a sandwich. Is this not a sign of heart disease?

  6. Paul Chesters
    I am, or was, a type 2 diabetic and clinically obese plus too many other health problems to go into here. However after being totally unable to bring my blood glucose or weight under control, I decided to all but eliminate carbs from my diet and lo and behold six stones (84 lb) lighter with blood glucose levels reading between 6 and 9 after reducing insulin by 50% I now feel totally different! I eat when hungry - cheese, meat etc. My aim is to drop another six stones and consigne the insulin and metformin to the bin.
  7. kimgkg
    Paul, congratulations ... and the best of luck for the next 6 stone!!!
  8. Joi Tydings
    I was there, you left out the salad with grilled chicken, green beans and olives with balsamic dressing in the photo. I do agree there should have been fruit and veggies. To some of the comments, I used to weigh 212. I am a female, 5'7" and now 51 years old. I lost my weight in Feb. 2010 and maintain an 86 lbs. loss. I had a problem with food since I was 11 years old. I did eat the chips and the grilled cheese along with the salad. How much did I eat, not much of the grilled cheese, didn't care for it, I ate plenty of chips. The reason why I am eating is different than when I weighed 212. I eat what ever I want when I what because I have changed by behavior towards food. I was eating because i was hungry and needed the fuel until dinner. There may not be always the best choices around, that is just the place where we live. Just eat enough until you can get healthier more suitable food. My diet is far from healthy, but I still stay thin.
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  9. Apicius
    Joi, your writing is incoherent. Makes no state you changed your way around food after having a problem since you were 11, but also say now you eat what you want and whenever.

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