Does low carb work long term?

Is a strict low-carb diet sustainable in the long run? And how do you formulate one correctly? Bri Gerwitz has has some amazing results on a ketogenic diet, losing lots of excess weight and feeling great. In this interview she reveals her secrets.

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Does Low Carb Work Long Term? – Bri Gerwitz

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  1. April
    I have been doing ketogenic diet for about a year. I had lost 70 lbs and turned around all my lab markers to normal. I felt absolutely great and thought I had found my life long answer to health and wellness. Then, all of the sudden, my blood sugar started creeping up, my weight started creeping up (I changed NOTHING), and I started feeling tired. I read Dr. Mercola's Fat for Fuel book and there was a blurb about your body beginning to produce more glucose and wanting to hang on to fat. He suggests 4 days keto, 2 days higher carb (100 - 150 grams/day and higher protein) and then 1 day fast each week. I am interested to see if you know of others who have experienced this and/or overcome this phenomenon? I am devastated. I am trying this week to do his recommended plan but I have already gained 5 lbs and feel like crap. Please help!!
  2. Angela
    Healthful Pursuit on You Tube is a great resource. She talked about your concerns, but I'm not finding it at the moment. But check her out.

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