Low carb vs. high carb for controlling type 1 diabetes


What is best for controlling type 1 diabetes – low carb or high carb? Adam Brown conducted experiments on himself where he compared the results.

On a high-carb diet, Adam ate foods that are typically recommended for people with diabetes: grains, rice, pasta, bread and fruit. During low-carb days, he consumed vegetables, poultry, fish, eggs and nuts.

Here’s the effects on his blood sugar, with low carb to the left, and high carb to the right:


On the recommended high-carb diet he noticed several drawbacks:

  • Fewer hours within a healthy blood sugar range
  • More bolus insulin needed per meal than for an entire day on low carb
  • More anxiety about insulin dosage

A low-carb diet also allowed him to eat more while keeping his blood pressure, cholesterol and weight in check. In short, the controversial low-carb diet was much more effective for keeping his type 1 diabetes under control.

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