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This weekend the place to be was San Diego, and the first Low Carb USA conference. Over 350 people gathered to socialize and listen to presentations from luminaries like Gary Taubes, Dom D’Agostino, Dr. Jason Fung and many more.

I had a great time and can highly recommend the conference. So many fantastic people were here.

There will be a second and probably way bigger conference in the same place, during the same weekend next year. And while waiting for that you’ll soon be able to watch all the presentation from this year’s conference in high quality at our member site – we recorded them all.

If you’re interested in coming next year it’s possible to pre-book the conference already, to the lowest price you’ll ever get:

Low Carb USA – San Diego 2017


  1. Paul DTS
    I would consider going to one of these events if held in London UK...
  2. Alan
    Agreed, I live in London too so that would be great! At least, somewhere in Europe would be handy. Looking forward to all the presentations though. Thanks for all the hard work as ever Team DD :-)
  3. Bob Niland
    So did Gary Taubes have anything to say about the trial headed by Kevin Hall? (I'm sure someone asked.)

    Why hasn't NuSI hosted the (otherwise pay-walled) paper for open access?

    Heck, why hasn't NuSI updated their site in the last 12 months?

  4. bill
    Yes, someone did ask.
    Yes, he did have something to say.
    Hard to put his answer in words.
    Taubes gets it though.
    In private conversations with other
    presenters, stronger opinions were

    I agree with Ash Simmonds. Bias
    either way is bad. They should
    recruit scientists from outside
    disciplines, like physicists, to run
    and evaluate tests, lessening the
    chances for bias.

  5. bill
    By the by. That's me at the far
    left of the picture above. (smiley face here)
  6. Roger Smith
    I just noticed "I would consider going to one of these events if held in London UK..." - from Paul DTS August 2 2016.

    If Paul has not discovered http://www.phcuk.org yet then please let him know, as tickets still for our May 2019 conference in Bristol, UK are on sale now. There will be many lowcarb experts on stage over the 2 days.

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