Low-carb tips for traveling by Team Diet Doctor

Here’s episode two of our fun video series: Low-carb tips with team Diet Doctor! We’ll tell you our best low-carb advice for eating out, shopping, traveling, handling social situations and more. In this second episode, we give you our best tips for traveling while staying low carb, and is available for members, and you can watch a preview above. Stay tuned for more!

Transcript for preview above

Adele Hite: I think part of the anxiety that maybe people on low-carb diets have when they’re traveling is like, “Oh, no, when is my next meal going to be?” And if you’ve got a little stash of mac nuts, you’re good.

Anne Mullens: So you’ve got a big airplane trip coming up; how are you going to keep keto? We thought we’d all get together and gave you some tips of how to keep keto while traveling. We hope you’ll find them helpful.

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