American low-carb president coming up?


Nobody knows who’ll win the American presidential election in November 2016. But the chances are excellent for a low-carb President.

Both front-runners, the Republican Jeb Bush and Democrat Hillary Clinton, are said to be on low-carb diets to get fit for the election.

Bush is losing weight just fine, but why is he hungry? The most likely cause is he’s not eating enough fat to feel satisfied, on his low-carb Paleo diet plan.

Going LCHF could help with that and make the diet more sustainable for life. If Jeb Bush wants to speed up the weight loss I’d recommend adding some intermittent fasting, instead of suffering the relentless hunger associated with a low-fat version of low-carb.

Weight loss without hunger is great for maintaining your self discipline and willpower for other important projects. The last thing the world needs is a hungry and grumpy President of the United States.


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  1. fredt
    and maybe he is one more of us people who are always hungry.
  2. Jim
    Also: Bill Clinton reportedly does paleo now. Until some time ago he was on the Ornish-diet. XD
  3. Stephen
    It's probably best to avoid politics on your forum. Just seeing those two spiked my blood pressure 30 points. I will say no more.
  4. Murray
    This should help dispel any suggestion that LCHF is in any sense linked to political predisposition.
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  5. Maki
    Chill out people it is a joke obviously you shouldn't vote based on a diet that politician is following, unless he is fruitarian then stay away.

    "and maybe he is one more of us people who are always hungry."

    Not enough fat maybe? It is as important as lowering carbs to me.

  6. Nate
    Yes, Murray, I agree. Plus these two people have the money and connections to have access to any and all dietary advice. It is very telling that they choose versions of the LCHF life style. At least, for both of their health, I hope that their decisions were for a life style change and not just a temporary diet.

    I've got an interesting political story about an Easter ham. One of Joel Salatin's students started farming near where I live. So I ordered a ham from him. A few weeks before Easter my ham, along with several others, was confiscated by the USDA.

    Then in May or so Joel Salatin gave a talk in my home town. I asked him about the missing Easter ham. He said the best way to get my ham back would be to contact my Congressman. So, I did and a few days later I got my ham.

    The moral of the story is that politicians can sometimes quickly influence government bureaucracies. Watch out Dietary Guideline Advisory Committee.

  7. Wendy
    I am always hungry on low carb no matter what. And no it's not because I ate too many carbs. I ate a lot of fat like bacon and eggs and ground beef etc. I actually have grown to hate animal products now but I know it's the only way I will be able to lose weight. I'm never satisfied after eating low carb food. Always hungry an hour later. The weird thing is I was very thin half my life. Normal healthy weight. I grew up eating white bread, rice, potatoes etc. and stayed thin. No obsessive thoughts about food. Ate like a bird. Now it's all I think about. Low carb doesn't make my cravings go away at all. Even if I eat zero carbs. But I know it's the only way now to lose weight. Must be psychological. Oh well.
  8. Wendy
    People always say you're not eating enough fat. Blah blah. Should I put butter on a stick and eat it or maybe guzzle back a couple glasses of lard? Coconut oil smells and tastes like I'm eating Australian gold tanning lotion. Olives are gross too. I like nut butter but I tend to over eat it very easily. Sometimes I just start eating it and wonder why I'm not getting full. My taste buds are changing towards fruit and bread. I can't even drink diet soda without gagging. No I don't eat that food on low carb! The taste for sweet has slightly disappeared for me. Why would someone have a tremendous craving for potatoe chips all the time? It's so bad it's all I want everyday. Starch? This whole dieting food thing has got me so stressed out to the point where I feel like giving up and just stop eating all together. My gut is so big compared to the rest of my body that it looks weird. I could probably get away with not eating for a while. Geez.
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  9. Bonnie
    Wendy - perhaps your craving for potato chips is a craving for salt? Something to look into. Potato chips were one of my binge foods before going lchf. It's taken a while, but now I'm not even tempted by them.

    I, too, often feel hungry an hour or 2 after eating. I've learned that I can distract myself by keeping busy. For me, while it feels like real hunger, I don't think it is.

  10. Lori Miller
    @Wendy, I was thinking salt, too. Also potassium and other vitamins and minerals, since there's quite a bit in potatoes. Nuts have quite a bit of magnesium; maybe that's why you like nut butter so well. (A hint: if you're low on magnesium, you won't absorb potassium.) If you're not doing so now, you might try a multivitamin, magnesium, potassium and more salt.
  11. Maki
    @Wendy nut butter has quite a bit of carbs. I actually do eat starch, and fruit I follow lower carb highter fat diet similar to perfect health diet (eating in a timing window, and about 120g of carbs, and hi fat). I eat wheat, and my appetite is low as long as I keep it lowish carb, and I eat fat with my carbs. So maybe try that when you get tired with your more strict diet.

    As for hunger if you don't feel physically unable to eat any more you are a little bit hungry imo.

  12. erdoke
    Maybe you should try to add a small raw potato (peeled of course) per day together with Greek yoghurt. Sometimes the gut flora really needs some fix. It might fit into some kind of a salad as well.
  13. Diana
    I know the feeling. You can be "full" on protein/fat foods but not satisfied.
    May I add something to the suggestion list? Maybe you need to eat something sweet. I would suggest a few orange slices, or 1/4 apple. It's not a lot of carbs, and low in calories (yes, calories count, which is why I suggest staying away from nut butters.)
    I think the last thing you need is something salty.
    Drink water with the fruit.
    Lastly, you say you are "stressed" - look into mindfulness based stress reduction. The last thing you need is another useless stressor.
    JMO & good luck!
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  14. Murray
    I disagree on the salty. I go for salty, nutrient-dense foods to quell craving. My first go-to food is a seaweed snack, which is high in iodine and minerals. This works most of the time. (SeaSnax makes a nice seaweed with olive oil and sea salt. I also like dulse seaweed with some butter. The fat helps absorption of nutrients.) Next best is wild salmon roe (salted). I have this every morning, but it also kills cravings later in the day. Third is dried parsley flakes, with a little salt and MCT oil. Fourth is a stalk or two of celery (a good source of nitrates, which stimulate nitric oxide to relax blood vessels). I never get past those.
  15. pal
    @ Wendy you said: "People always say you're not eating enough fat. Blah blah. Should I put butter on a stick and eat it or maybe guzzle back a couple glasses of lard?"

    Well, what do you think the HF in LCHF stands for? High Fat. It's part of this diet. If you don't follow the diet as prescribed, you'll probably not get the desired results.

    You also said: "Coconut oil smells and tastes like I'm eating Australian gold tanning lotion."

    Are you saying folks in Australia eat tanning lotion? I thought they only ate kangaroos, koala bears and crocodiles.

  16. BobM
    I thought Bill Clinton was a vegan?

    To me, he looks emaciated and unhealthy.

    This means you'd have a vegan and a mostly meat eater living together (assuming they do). Would that go well?

    I also like this quote:

    "It's hard being a vegan to eat enough good, quality protein and not have too much starch," Hyman told The Times. "I know a lot of fat vegans."

  17. Mya
    BobM: He was for a while, but has gone off that recently on the advice of Dr. Mark Hyman who is the author of The Blood Sugar solution.
    I'd say it's a good thing because for a while there he was looking pretty rough. I'd say the low point was at his daughter's wedding. In some of those pictures you have the though "Dear lord, is he dying?!"
    Vegans are loathe to give up him as an example of a famous vegan, though, so I think they're giving him a lot more latitude than they usually do. The hand-wavy quote in your article from the AVA is in stark contrast to the way that Ellen was attacked after admitting on her show that she's been eating eggs from free-range chickens her neighbor raises.

    Point on the article. Not sure I agree that Jeb Bush is the Republican front runner. I'll be surprised if he's the Republican nominee after primaries.

  18. Tamarah
    Wendy,, I am not sure if your joking about the Fat but seriously if your not eating enough you will be hungry. Fat is very satiating and very important part of LCHF . I love fat and eat is every chance I get,, In fact I may be eating to much fat as I have stalled,, and am thinking my body is constantly burning dietary Fat so stalled on burning body fat,, something I need to look into,, but even then I may cut back but wont stop eating fat ,, ever , ever , ever !!!

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