Low carb paleo with Mark Sisson

Here’s a man who wants to improve the health and lives of 10 MILLION people! And he might just succeed.

Mark Sisson runs the wildly popular fitness blog Mark’s Daily Apple and is the author of the bestseller The Primal Blueprint among other books. He’s also one of the leaders behind the growing Paleo movement.

Despite running a small fitness / health empire Mark Sisson somehow finds the time to stay in a shape that would be the envy of just about anybody half his age. And he seems to enjoy every minute. How is it possible? In this interview he shares his secrets.

Furthermore, as some debate whether Paleo is low carb or not, Mark Sisson stays calm and sticks to what works. His “Primal Blueprint” is in many ways similar to LCHF.


  1. Nice interview and thanks for providing it for free. :)
    10 mil to 100 mil and perhaps to the whole world. My husband and I are Chinese living in Singapore and we didn't realize that Prima/low carb diet could improve our health so greatly. Disappearing acne... No more asthma attacks... Rashes on skin healed.. Gums bleeding stopped... Blood pressure normalized...WOW!!!
  2. Trina
    Great interview. I love how down to earth Mark is - we do need to enjoy life. The worst part about the interview is it made me want to live in Malibu ... :) Thanks Dr. Eenfeldt! Looking forward to more (is the Dr. Davis one coming soon?).
  3. Mindy
    Good interview. I think Mark is a great example for all people looking to improve their lives. Him being the result of Paleo health improvements, looking fit and healthy at his age (almost 60 I think), being extremely educated, and being a good speaker are slowly (but surely) catapulting Paleo lifestyles into the limelight.
  4. Kelly
    Thanks Dr. E for all your interviews, your time, your blog, your lectures, etc...and thank you from an American for taking your LCHF message from Sweden to the States. I found you initially through Jimmy Moore and I truly enjoy all your work. Keep up the great job!!!

    Hope you'll be posting more videos in English!

  5. Mike W
    Fascinating interview. Sisson seems a lot more likeable, flexible and sensible than he-who-shall-not-be-named of 60 minutes fame. No demonizing of sinister food corporations and evil corn farmers; no advocacy of using the tax code to bludgeon Americans into low-carb submission. Am I the only one who prefers Sisson's "non-global" perspective?

    It's a good question whether low-carb can become mainstream from the grassroots level alone, as Sisson hopes. Dr. Atkins' book was a bestseller 40 years ago, yet here we are much worse off. Obviously the grassroots didn't work for him. Maybe the Internet and YouTube will be the game-changers today.

    By the way, great lighting, audio, editing. You make it look like there was a whole TV crew in the room with you. Or maybe there was...

  6. Tabetha
    I've been looking forward to your interviews and the first one didn't disappoint. Thank you for all of your hard work, it's appreciated.
  7. Laura
    THanks doc. MArk Sissons is a beacon.....I never found myself in disagreement with his stance even when he tackles more so to speak controversial aspects of the diet..in a way he brings sanity and balance and even here in the UK budding paleo/low carb scene he is greately respected. By the way..I know that Mark was a triathlete in a previous life......by sheer conicidence I spotted a Sissons in the triathlon final here in London 2012...he was from NZ....any relation??? ;-)
  8. tooticky
    Thank you for sharing this video. I really do appreciate the time and effort it takes to produce these videos. So thank you M.D. Eenfeldt for being so generous with your time. :)
  9. Jonathan Swaringen
    Anyone looking to eat a Keto Paleo diet should read The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Living and The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Performance for details on how Keto can work even for athletes. You don't have to eat starches or large amounts to be athletic

    .....I started writing this before he mentioned Keto with athletes at end...still good books to read anyway.

    Also check out Body by Science for exercising great book. Love Mark SIsson and Paleo especially Keto

  10. Thanks for the link. I don't think I have given Mark Sisson as much respect as maybe I should have. With his dairy/chocolate/salt/red wine acceptances I felt like it was too general and not very paleo at all. But after watching this video it makes a lot more sense to me and I can see what he is doing. For my weight loss the main thing has not been focusing on carb or calorie intake, but mainly on ensuring I am getting an abundance of nutrients through my foods (not supplements) and this has really had some positive impacts.
  11. This is a great interview - thanks for sharing!
  12. Great interview! I saw your interview with Dr. Cordain and between those two videos, anyone should be able to know that Paleo is the way to go.

    Again, thanks so much for posting this.

  13. Rebecca Heaton
    Thanks so much for this info...he is so right I cut out grains and sugar,wow what engery I have.im glad someone is standing up and telling us what we need to hear.
  14. an interesting man!
  15. tam
    You need more like 200 grams for an infection like Candida.
  16. Katherina@paleo for better health
    Thankyou for posting this video, I was never really a "fan" of Mark Sisson not until this interview. Speaking from experience, it was really diificult to cut out on grains when I started Paleo, but now I am slowly reaping the benefits. Mark Sisson really explained on this low carb paleo principle. And I like the idea that every once in a while we could "cheat" and give in to our cravings. Nice job here, looking forward to more of your interviews .

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