Why is low carb important to you?

Why is low carb important to some of the leading low-carb doctors in the world? Let them give their quick and spontaneous answers to that question.

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Why Is Low Carb Important to You? – Doctors Answer Common Questions

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Low Carb for Beginners


  1. bill
    He is so careful to equivocate: "...refined and processed

    What does he think about eating pineapple? Not refined.
    Baked potato? Not refined.

    He's wrong. It's carbs. Get it? Carbs.

    If you keep this up, this site will have to be renamed
    L(Refined and Processed)CHF.

    You're confusing people.

  2. kwark
    still dont know why low carb is important
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  4. Sue Douglas
    The Drug Companies lose money if we are all healthy. I would say the evil people running this world want us ill, they want us dead (depopulation as a form of being able to control us), The Doctors have been given bad information as to what’s healthy, and that is why they will never go against what they have been taught and I can understand that, no doctor wants to be sued because he didn’t follow the guidelines. However, the morality question is what doctors really need to examine themselves against, since they have all taken an oath to “do no harm”, so will they do anything about this problem? I may be cynical, but probably not, no. We have to do it for ourselves and take responsibility for our own health if we want to live to a ripe old age. Good health and preventative healthcare, does not make Doctors or Drug companies wealthy..... and that will always be the problem, unfortunately.... I started the Keto Diet 3 weeks ago, I feel so much better and I’ve already lost the 11lbs I needed to lose. I’m sleeping better than I can ever remember and I love the food that I’m eating! I’m actually craving vegetables (keto friendly) and fats, instead of chocolate and cake! What is bad about that! My eating lifestyle from now on....
  5. Carl
    I agree with the above statement just a personal thought ... I been follow a low carb Keto diet for 10 days the results are truly awesome mental clarity has sky rocketed... if this was the only benefit then I would be happy but the reality is much more wonderful I have lost a total of 17lb much of which is water I know but i am still not carrying it around with me I also got much more energy for example I do long work days 12hrs but normally by the tone 3pm comes I normally hit a wall and feel very very tired. But the last few days it’s been so nice to not only to not feel tired at 3pm but to feel like I could keep going not just physically but mentally is such a liberating experience..... this is only my thought on the matter and it’s still very early days but no other eating plan I have been on produces such amazing results. Please don’t knock it until you have given your self just a few weeks trying it and you may find it’s the best choice you have ever made ... healthy body and mind and loads of energy love it

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