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Why Is Low Carb Important to You?

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Why is low carb important to some of the leading low-carb doctors in the world? Let them give their quick and spontaneous answers to that question.

Watch Dr. Rangan Chatterjee answer above (transcript). The full video – with answers from more top low-carb doctors – is available (with captions and transcript) with a free trial or membership:

Why Is Low Carb Important to You? – Doctors Answer Common Questions

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One Comment

  1. bill
    He is so careful to equivocate: "...refined and processed

    What does he think about eating pineapple? Not refined.
    Baked potato? Not refined.

    He's wrong. It's carbs. Get it? Carbs.

    If you keep this up, this site will have to be renamed
    L(Refined and Processed)CHF.

    You're confusing people.

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