‘Low-carb, high-fat is what we physicians eat’ says 80 Canadian doctors

Food with Omega-3 fats

Are low carb and keto fad diets which come with unsustainable restrictions and health risks? Absolutely not. They are based on sound science, they’re perfectly healthy, and they’re the diets of preference for a growing number of health professionals.

That’s what Dr. Evelyne Bourdua-Roy writes, in a letter signed by 80 Canadian MDs:

Our personal and clinical experience shows that this diet is more varied, tasty and satiating than the low-fat diet proposed by the Canadian Food Guide. We are thousands of doctors across the country and around the world who have adopted this way of eating for ourselves and our families, for health and well-being reasons. And we continue to eat this way in part because we love what we eat.

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  1. John Lederer
    Low carb WORKS!
  2. Taylor
    7 months low carb and mind is crystal clear, as well I have lost 60lb
  3. Alex
    Lost 44 pounds and cholesterol plummeted while eating lots of good fats, zero sugar, zero carbs. Replaced cows dairy with coconut-based products. LDL, HDL, etc, made dramatic shifts to ideal ranges. Leptin levels dropped from 25.9 to 7.2!!! But it was a battle all the way with American doctors brainwashed in counting calories until they saw my lab numbers 3 months later.
  4. michael
    3weeks 13 lbs gone! Never feel hungry week faint ravenous or deprived. Cheated once with a sugary dessert, spent the rest of the day hungry, opening and closing the refrigerator door. Can’t believe how many carbs I used to eat without realizing it. Easilly up to 300 g. Using the food charts I cut it down to 20 or below. Once I removed the carbs I was able to digest dairy any hour of the day or night.
  5. Joy B
    The Pharmaceutical companies have too much pull in the government. They do not want people to get healthy because that would mean the $20 billion weight loss industry would lose money. The food companies that create all the versions of every fad or new diet remedy etc. would lose money and not too mention all drugs that are out there that are supposed to make you better actually can cause you get worse or cancer.... That why the Doctors won't say how good low carb is they have to do what the Pharmaceutical companies want.
  6. RT
    I have noticed that, as the evidence in favor of LCHF mounts, and an increasing number of health professionals becomes more and more vocal on this issue (as evinced in the above- cited article), fat-phobic trolls appear here less and less.

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