Low carb great for treating type 2 diabetes


Both patients and doctors find that a low-carb diet can be very helpful for type 2 diabetics. It doesn’t cause a big spike in glucose after meals and it helps achieve weight loss.

Here’s another new article about it, where a doctor even says ‘If [low carb] were a drug, companies would be running large trials to get it licensed.’

Daily Mail: Could Going Low-Carb Help You Fight Off Diabetes? The Usual Advice for Type 2 Is to Eat Plenty. But Now a Number of Patients and Doctors Are Leading a Growing Rebellion

If you want to get started, just check out our guide below about reversing type 2 diabetes with low carb.


How to Reverse Type 2 Diabetes

Low Carb for Beginners

Top videos about type 2 diabetes


Talk About Reversal of Type 2 Diabetes – Not Just Disease Management

BMJ: Practices Should Be Able to Keep Money Saved from Putting Patients on a Low-Carbohydrate Diet

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