Low-carb endurance athletes burn fat twice as well – and keep normal glycogen levels

Eating a low-carb diet can turn athletes into spectacular fat burners, far better than previously known, according to a new study*. Compared to high-carb athletes, their fat-burning rates were about twice as high during prolonged exercise.

Interestingly the study also revealed that the low-carb athletes had normal muscle glycogen levels. This was an unexpected finding to Jeff Volek, lead researcher of the study. It could be due to an elegant system for maintaining glycogen levels in muscles even when carbs are limited.


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*/ Note that the study was financially supported by Quest Nutrition and The Robert C. and Veronica Atkins Foundation.


  1. BobM
    That is an impressive study. This is the type of research we should've been doing for the last 40+ years, instead of wasting time trying to "prove" the low carb diet was correct.
  2. Eric
    What happened to glucagon levels?
    How does this tie in with insulin and glucose levels?

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