Local news network follows nurse’s journey on a ketogenic diet


My Twin Tiers, a web-based New York news network, followed Marcy Bones on her four-week journey on the ketogenic diet. Bones, a single mom and nurse, was finding it difficult to find the time to take care of herself, and had struggled with weight her whole life. She tried many diets, and eventually turned to gastric bypass surgery, after which she lost 100 pounds (45 kilos).

My Twin Tiers: Losing it for good: Tracking local nurse’s progress on keto diet

However, Bones began gaining some of the weight back, and was looking for a solution that actually worked to keep the weight off. She turned to the ketogenic diet because of its recent rise in popularity, and reached out to colleague Dr. Angela Drake for assistance and monitoring on her keto journey.

Diet Doctor makes a cameo appearance in Bones’ story, at 2:50, as news reporter Elizabeth Worthington refers to our website as a source for keto information!

During week one, Bones experienced the keto “flu”, a common occurrence for those first starting out. By the end of the week she felt better and had lost 5 pounds (2 kilos). Week two Bones was down 3 more pounds (1.25 kilos) and felt great. At the end of week three she was down another 2 pounds (1 kilo), and had more energy and confidence. The end of four weeks on keto saw Bones down a total of 14 pounds (6 kilos), and feeling amazing.

After her keto challenge, Bones said:

It has been a real eye-opener to see how many carbs are in things… my whole body feels better, [and] I don’t ache as bad.

Bones intends to continue with a low-carb lifestyle, and knows how important persistence is in reaching her goals. She hopes that her journey can help to inspire others to join the low-carb movement.

Thanks for sharing your journey, Marcy, and for inspiring others!

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