Live stream Thursday. Big Food, Big Pharma: killing for profit?

Top names in European medicine (Dr. Malhotra among others) join forces at the European Parliament against Big Pharma, Big Food and “health” advice that is harming millions across the world. On Thursday the 12th of April between 3-7 pm CEDT, you will be able to watch the live stream on our Facebook page.


Are Big Food and Big Pharma really killing people for profit globally? Yes, say some of the biggest names in European orthodox medicine. They’re joining forces on a panel discussion at the European Parliament in Brussels on April 12.

The doctors say they will “blow the cover” on the dark world of Big Food and Big Pharma lobbying to influence dietary and medical guidelines.

Foodmed: Big Food, Big Pharma killing for profit? Yes, say top UK doctors!

You can watch the trailer to the session below.

Live stream

To watch our live stream of this event, follow our Facebook page to get notified when it starts.


  1. Ali
    Cannot find link to the Live Stream
  2. Jurgen
    I don't have facebook, is there an alternative way to get notified?
  3. Jan
    Dr. Malhotra How do to counteract the doctors who tell this to their patients all over the world. Cleveland clinic is highly respected in the US. Harvard publishes a similar recommendation. I understand the relative and absolute risk argument but is that the only argument? I won't take statins but question this decision daily.
  4. Thorleif
    I opened yesterday the link . (1 hour 44 min with good voice and english text)
  5. Stan Boston
    If you want more information, get the book by Dr Verner Wheelock, Healthy Eating. One of the reviewers of this book on Amazon says, ““So this book isn’t really for those who are already well informed on the inherent flaws of the current nutritional practice as espoused in the UK, USA and Australia by their respective medical systems. What it is though is an excellent introduction to those dietary flaws for the uninitiated. In fact, it is possibly the best introduction I have read to date.” the book is not expensive.
  6. Rebecca Lee
    A real scientist, Andrew Hall Cutler, Phd who had his degree in Chemistry from Princeton University, identified the cause of much of the current plague of chronic illnesse and autoimmune disease to be chronic mercury poisoning. He lived and wrote mostly in obscurity other than for a devoted following who recovered their health with the chelation protocol he figured out. You can purchase any of his three books: "Amalgam Illness, Diagnosis and Treatment," "Hair Test Interpretation, Finding Hidden Toxicities," and "The Mercury Detoxification Manual," at

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