The limits of sugar guidelines


Do we know that added sugar is bad for us? Problems arise when the government offers too specific guidelines on what to eat, says Nina Teicholz, since they might be based on incomplete evidence.

The Atlantic: The Limits of Sugar Guidelines

It’s always good to question your own beliefs. As Gary Taubes makes clear in the beginning of his new book The Case Against Sugar: “I’m going to concede in advance a key point that those who defend the role of sugar in our diet will invariably make. … [I]t cannot be established definitively, with the science as it now stands, that sugar is uniquely harmful.”

With that said, the way I see it, excess sugar is very likely to be harmful and contribute to obesity and disease. Furthermore, there is zero need for added sugar in the diet. So why not try to avoid most of it, and experience the potential benefits?


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