Like father, like diet daughter

Like Father like Daughter

Here’s a Saturday morning at home. We just whipped some cream – obviously real whipping cream (40 %) – to be eaten with almond flour waffles and berries. Father and nine months old Diet Daughter have a taste.

It doesn’t get much better than this.


  1. Jenn
    Super cute!
  2. Jean (UK)
    She is growing up so fast!
  3. Bearhands
    Sounds yummy! Do you have a recommended recipe for the waffles please?
  4. FrankG
    Priceless picture and a precious moment. Doubtless you have already been told this Andreas but this time goes by so quickly.. treasure it ;-)

    As for an infant eating 40% whipping cream... surely you must have had to add some sugar or flavouring..? After all this is the reason they serve chocolate milk to children -- we have to get them to drink it somehow! LOL

  5. Oh, what a cute little girl! Thank you for sharing, Dr. Eenfeldt.
  6. The cutest little girl! Thank you for sharing, Dr. Eenfeldt.
  7. Bee
    Whipping cream in Canada is 35% fat, not 40%. Apparently, our butter has less fat as well. Oh you Europeans, enjoy your heavy creams and extra fat butter!
  8. Michael
    Sorry to be a pest, but we are still waiting for the post on what your daughters diet looks like.
  9. gallier2
    @Bee, it depends on where one is in Europe. 40% cream is probably a Swedish thing because where I live (France, Luxembourg, Germany, Belgium, yes these are the 4 countries I buy my stuff in and all are less than 30km away from my home) the maximum cream I can find is 33% (Luxlait "frësch Ram" from Luxembourg). Most in the other countries are 30% cream. What is more disturbing as the fat content is that except for that brand I already mentioned, all contain carrageen stabilizer and that sucks. Fortunately the Luxemburgish cream is sold in 1L packs. It's also the only brand with which one can make "crème fraiche" i.e. fermented sour-cream, with all other brands the result is disgusting. I suppose the carrageen rots instead of getting transformed to something edible.
  10. Bee
    @Gallier: Ah, now I won't be so envious of the European lifestyle ;) Merci.
  11. på tide at matrevolusjonen kommer ut på engelsk? er det like rundt hjørnet eller? :)
  12. Tia
    Nice pic and pretty couple! :) Enjoy!

    @gallier2: living in Germany I use to buy this cream
    in my wholefood shop. It contains no carrageen, tastes delicious and if you wait a little bit before unlocking the bottle you'll have a fine amount of cream on top.

  13. Will
    Almond flour is allowed? I thought nuts had quite a bit of carbs in them...?
  14. My 8.5 month old daughter and I had fresh liver tonight for dinner! She Loves the stuff!
  15. Margaretrc
    Almonds are pretty low carb, @Will, and thus are indeed allowed in LCHF.
  16. Margaretrc
    Your daughter is beautiful and will also be very smart, what with all that good fat getting into her and nourishing her brain!
  17. Laura
    Hello Doc
    have you heard of Professor Ingegerd Johansson? She has apparently just published the results of a long term (observational I assume) study that apparently captures the ill effects of the low carb 'craze' (as it is called in the press) that has been sweeping Sweden since 2004. please see link for article in teh associated press. By the way YOU are mentioned in it.
    Needless to say she interprets her finding as showing an INCREASED RISK on CHD (based on increased cholesterol level..when will this demonising of a perfectly harmelss if not beneficial component of our bodies stop???) on a LCHF diet and no effect on obesity etc...therefore all bad....I think you should write to her and discuss her fidning.

    It coul be an itneresting debate.

    Bye for now

  18. Matt McWax
    I have noticed that almond flour pancakes (and cookies) are very satiating compared to the normal grain flour varieties. It's hard to eat more than 2 at a time for me whereas it is the opposite for "normal" pancakes/cookies. It's most likely because of the macro-nutrient balance, namely the high fat and protein. I still recommend only having these things once in a while, especially for those that haven't reached goal weights.
  19. True, it doesn't get much better. :-) Enjoy!
  20. Ima
    I am so inspired and encouraged whenever I find you talking about all the lovely foods your are sharing with your little one, since here in the us eating this way with children is seldom found! We are parents to 6 ranging in age from 10 1/2 months to 15 yrs old... 15 year old Jaclyn is an avid reader of your blog and a die hard evangelist for LCHF having lost 65 lbs! Total family weight loss has been over 250 lbs.

    I think of you and your family each time I serve a delicious meal filled with healthy fats, very low carbs and no sugar to my little ones. It feels wonderful to know we are contributing to a lifetime of wellness for them! Keep the English stuff coming because you are a guru in our house... Many a morning goes on with diet doctor post being read out loud as our science/health homeschool lesson while a nutrient dense breakfast of pastured eggs from our own birds, loaded with cheese and veggies, topped with fermented sour kraut and creme fraiche is being cooked at the stove. Brain foooooooood!!!!

  21. Elizabeth
    I've just bought a waffle maker and I'm looking for any good recipes which are made with almond and/or coconut flour and not with whey powder in. Any suggestions please?

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