Life expectancy falls in the US for the first time in decades


According to a new report, life expectancy is falling in the US, for the first time in decades. The likely main reason is the obesity epidemic, which is behind the increase in heart disease, strokes, diabetes and arguably Alzheimer’s disease.

It’s time for the low-fat dietary advice to change, as it becomes clearer and clearer that it just isn’t working and might even promote disease.1

At least for people with metabolic syndrome and insulin resistance – a large part of the population – it could be a great idea to start recommending a real-food low-carb diet. This could have the potential to combat all these lifestyle-related diseases that lead to early death and massive human suffering.

A place to start

A Low-Carb Diet for Beginners


Have Obesity-Related Diseases Begun to Shorten Life Expectancy in the US?


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  1. Kathleen
    Obamacare is likely a contributor as well. Obviously, government involvement in any health-related field is a disaster!
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  1. Kathleen
    Obamacare is likely a contributor as well. Obviously, government involvement in any health-related field is a disaster!
    Replies: #4, #11, #12
  2. Deb
    The food industry is a huge culprit. EVERY PACKAGED PRODUCT on the shelves in American stores, specifically staples, such as bread is laced with sugar and high fructose corn syrup. This is put into products to create an addiction to the products so people will buy more. There is sugar/hIgh fructose corn syrup or other various forms of sugar in staples that weren't there 40-50 years ago. A large part of the population is not aware of the amount of sugar they are consuming due to this. You can't even buy a saltine cracker without it having some form of sugar in it.
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  3. gbl
    United States ranks far below Canada and other UNIVERSAL (aka Obama type) health care systems in WHO rankings for effective healthcare. For child survival it's like a 3rd world country, all prior to Obama. You do realize Kathleen several of the doctors here are from universal or Obama care like health care systems? You can go back several years in the WHO rankings, and the US is consistently one of the worst healthcare countries in the world.

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  4. Jean Willis
    Hi Kathleen can you please explain why please?
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  5. gbl
    For example, Deb, Campbells boxed Tomato Basil soup has 28 gr of sugar PER CUP. Insanity. When older and disabled persons can't cook much, foods like this is what they are forced to rely on.
  6. ANDy
    Dr. Andrea Eenfeldt, I think you should be saying it is the rise of metabolic syndrome, not obesity for 2 reasons.

    #1. Dr. Eenfeld, you surely must know that obesity only shares a statistical association with metabolic syndrome not a causal relationship, right? I thought Type 2 Diabetes is caused by too many foods in the diet that produce too much glucose and this creates insulin resistance. I thought Heart Disease is caused by vegetable oils which are biologically weak, break off free radicals and cause tears in the blood vessels which creates inflammation. If the last 2 sentences were incorrect, then why eat a low carb high fat diet then if the important thing is to lose weight?

    #2. CDC BMI data shows that actual obesity in the United States is very rare and it does not take into account waist size. Yes, a lot of people are classified as "obese" but what does "obese" mean according to BMI data? Having a BMI between 30 and 40. Oh, so what is the smallest person with a BMI of 30? 4'11" 140 lbs. About 5% of the United States is "extremely obese" but does that mean that they have waistlines out to their knees when they sit down? No, because there is no data to support that since you can be Mr. Universe and still have a BMI that high.

    I thought you meant to write "The likely main reason is the metabolic syndrome epidemic, which is behind the increase in heart disease, strokes, diabetes and arguably Alzheimer’s disease."

  7. ANDy
    USDA Dietary Guidelines did wonders for the American diet didn't it? My point is that gov't caused the problem and now we come back to those who caused the problem to fix it? ~sarcasm Based on what track record of success?
  8. ANDy
    The food industry responded to the demand of customers created by the USDA Dietary Guidelines because politicians are brilliant people. ~sarcasm
  9. ANDy
    Yeah, and Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt had to leave that socialist system in order to help people.
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  10. Tim
    Yes, odd, isn't it, how free enterprise can fix every socialist created problem?
  11. M G Kime
    I blame El Naranja. Makes about as much sense as your statement.

    Obamacare is likely a contributor as well. Obviously, government involvement in any health-related field is a disaster!

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  12. Apicius
    Why do you choose this platform for a political point of view that has no relation to the diabetes and obesity crisis, and how it impacted the life expectancy issue? Obamacare showed up a couple of years ago, while the escalation of obesity and diabetes started in the 70s and 80s. How old was Obama in the 70s and 80s?

    Seriously...please don't start using the diet doctor site as a platform for current political affairs, as it promotes a discourse grounded in ignorance and political bias. And, if you truly believe Obamacare reduced the life expectancy, then explain why and how.

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  13. Tim
    Socialized medicine uses one size fits all treatments, that's how...kinda obvious. The only way socialized medicine can control costs is to ration, or standardize, treatments

    Obamacare made an existing problem even worse. Par for the course with gov't mandated solutions...

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  14. Apicius
    Worse or just continued the same course?
  15. Tim
    Worse, further institutionalized the treatment.
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  16. Apicius
    Sorry, Tim.
    I need to see the data. Canada and Sweden have socialized treatment. Sweden managed to endorse low carb food as a therapy for metabolic derangements (albeit after the unfortunate trial that Dr Annika Enqvist had to endure), and Canada continues to be a lame duck. Two socialized examples with different outcomes.
    The US will not get their arms around the problem until they stop the insane farm subsidies of corn, wheat and other crops. How's that for socialism? A lot more damage is being created there by taking American taxpayers money to subsidize farmers, who then produce the feed sources to food processors (who get to pay lower for the Ag product) and churn out extremely unhealthy, cheap crap.
    So, let me clarify...I do not endorse socialized healthcare...I'm actually on the fence for that...and I don't endorse Obamacare, either. But, what I am extremely opposed to is the theft of taxpayers' money to give to farmers and processed food manufacturers...THAT is where the true dark forces reside. And I'm also opposed to reducing the sugar cane tariffs on imports. No reason why US and Canada need to give tropical countries an easy market to dump their evil product to make Americans and Canadians fatter and sicker. Don't give a care if the sugar cane industry goes belly up and lots of people out of work (nor do I care that that's what happened to the tobacco industry). Oh well, too bad, go get a real job that produces real value for the world. Until these eggs are cracked, everything else is just political noise.
  17. Tim
    Sweden managed to endorse low carb food as a therapy for metabolic derangements...

    Only after many years of killing people...incidentally, brought on by the stateist nannies to begin with...and their food pyramid is basically still the same as it always was (low fat, 500 grams meat a week, 'healthy' lol fats such as canola oil...etc.) You really can't give them accolades for improving a problem they created. And still are... Incidentally, the food pyramid was created in Sweden in 1974 as a socialist cheap food answer for poverty...the socialists have a lot to answer for...

    The US will not get their arms around the problem until they stop the insane farm subsidies of corn, wheat and other crops.

    Most of the subsidy is in aid of ethanol production...that's the real scam.

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  18. Apicius
    I feel your pain, too, Tim. I'm certainly no fan of Nannie state scams. Personally, I want all my tax dollars much of my money has been wasted on inept governmental programs. And yes, they put us in the mess we are in. And it's not just the recent's many administrations, back-to-back, who have all contributed to the problem.
  19. Kathleen
    One way is that deductibles is so much higher and people are unable to afford treatments that they were able to before government stepped in with massive regulations.

    You want to see the epitome of government healthcare in action - check out the American VA hospital system. A disaster and complete disgrace.

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  21. Kathleen
    How many times have the doctors featured on this site commented on the fact that governments all over the globe have been lying to us, colluding with the sugar industry et al, in coming up with their guidelines that have nothing to do with good health, and are, in fact, causing chronic disease and death? You can read it in the articles, and hear their comments in the videos.

    Governments are inserting themselves in these issues - that is why healthcare has become a political issue. Not because of me, and not because of the doctors on this site.

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  22. Kathleen
    Then you don't know what you're talking about.
  23. juan berkowitz
    The fact of the matter is that the past eight years has seen the U.S. life expectancy drop for the very first time in decades. The fact is the Obama administration's killing people, not Obamacare. When you create 95 million of unemployed out of a 220 million working population folks become poorer, lose hope and are more likely to die.

    The news out of the federal government are disturbing: The overall U.S. death rate has increased for the first time in a decade, and that means since Obama became president. This according to an analysis of the latest data. And that led to a drop in overall life expectancy for the first time since 1993, particularly among people younger than 65.

  24. Apicius
    Ok, so I guess we will have to wait and see how Trump will reverse the declining life expectancy trends.
    Did you know he recently ear-marked Heidi Heitkamp as the secretary of Agriculture. She is from North Dakota, huge industrial farm country, and has decades of political experience. She is know for her very strong support and participation in creation and maintenance of farm subsidies. According to her, taking taxpayers' money and giving it to rich farmers (for free) is a way to maintain "agriculture security".

    Oh more thing...she voted for universal healthcare.

    Enjoy the next 4 years.

  25. Mike
    Why do low-carbers usually die younger in studies, though?
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  26. Tim
    You would have to point out which studies you are referring to...and are they low carb/high fat or low carb/high protein?
  27. Apicius
    Mike, where are you getting your info from? You are making statements unsupported by data.
    If people with type 2 diabetes are expected to have shorter life span, but then start a low carb diet to reverse their diabetes, then extend their life as a this not a case for increasing life span? Duh...

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