LCHF – or is it?


Here’s what one of our Swedish readers had after giving “LCHF” as his dietary preference at a conference. Not quite 100% correct.

Everyone in Sweden knows about LCHF, but apparently not everyone knows exactly what it means.


  1. Tom Welsh
    Gosh, those avocados look awfully similar to an apple and a pear. Yet they must be avocados: apples and pears have no fat and a fair amount of carbohydrate.
  2. Apicius
    LCHF also stands for Lame Chef Has Failed
  3. Chris the Barbarian
    To be honest, most "supermarket fruits", like apples and pears are too sweet for my taste, after some years on lchf real food diet. I tried a slice from my mother's Pink Lady Apple some weeks ago, and couldn't finish it. Sweeter than chocolate imho.
    The only fruit I now enjoy is tomatoes, avocado, olives, zucchini and cucumbers.

    But I guess after having heard we should eat our fruits every day, it is hard to ditch those for many folks ;).

  4. Gloria
    Similar to me asking for a gluten free meal due to my Celiac disease. I told them just plain meat and a vegetable would be fine. I received a salad covered in croutons and a chicken breast, breaded and deep fried.

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