1. FrankG
  2. I don't think he really painted LCHF in a good light. He focused more on the pastries and desserts butter can be baked into which is definitely not how people eating this way are consuming their butter.

    When he's eating butter plain at the end of the segment and he could "feel the pounds melting away" I cringed a little because it was obvious he was disparaging the whole movement. Someone should tell him that if he always ate butter that way (and didn't eat any of those nasty pastries), the pounds probably *would* melt away!

  3. Tale
    That YouTube clip has part of it, but is not the whole bit.
  4. FrankG
    The original clip linked by Dr Andreas is showing as "This Content is Unavailable From Your Location" ;-(
  5. Jaime
    "This Content is Unavailable From Your Location" (From England)
  6. Comedy Central is really anal about showing their vids outside the USA. You need to find the network that licences CC's content in your own country and then hope that they have the same videos available for viewing. If they don't you're out of luck.

    In Canada, the Comedy Network licences their content. I had to go there and find the video manually. It doesn't look like they post clips of the Colbert Report on Comedy Central's UK/Ireland website. So you're probably stuck waiting for someone to upload it on Youtube and then viewing it quickly before it's taken down.

    Locking up digital content sucks.

  7. Can anyone get this to me please?

    All I get is a message saying that the video is unavailable in my location! (in UK and such a fan!)


  8. Magnus
    That was comedy - a very funny, clever skit. Colbert is a master at his trade.. thanks for posting. I watched this several times and laughed everytime...
  9. Stang
    I went and ate some pure butter after that video...

    If fellow Americans choose to mock a low-carb diet, then more butter for me and everyone's happy!

  10. I was completely unaware of this shortage! Clearly the Norwegians are far, far ahead of the American public in matters of health and diet. I adore Colbert, & it was a fabulous skit. But WE are the ones laughing our asses (pounds!) off, while Colbert Report is clearly parroting the "traditional wisdom." Calling the LCHF a "Fad diet" (as the Fox clip said) and that the Norwegians are so far "behind" us (to wit, the poke at Atkins).
    Meanwhile we sail through the holidays sans weight gain, getting healthier, eating fatty wonderful foods and desserts! Yum!
    That clip made me, too, want to go eat a bar of butter. ;-)
  11. I was able to see it over here in New Zealand for some reason. Amusing I suppose. Might tweak some interest in people who are interested in what's happening in other parts of the world (a small group I know).

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