LCHF Mega Summit attendance hits 2,000

LCHF Mega conference

Over the weekend, a large low-carb conference broke attendance records in Kozhikode, a city on the west coast of India.

Over 2,000 folks listened to expert presentations about the evidence behind a low-carb diet and a metabolic approach to chronic disease. There was also a presentation about the Paleo diet.

Dr. Aseem Malhotra headlined the conference, and was awarded a lifetime achievement award for his work in the field. Here’s a picture from Dr. Malhotra’s Facebook post about the summit, taken from the stage:


Congratulations to the organizers and speakers who created such a successful event. With diabetes rates on the rise in India, spreading the word about the power of low carb to address metabolic disorders like type 2 diabetes is fitting and timely.


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    Thank you Doctor Andreas for bringing our Mega Summit to lime light. It was great event. Eminent personalities like Dr. Aseem Malhotra, Dr. Anjali Hooda, Shankarji etc had given their lectures with descriptive presentations. Most of the participants were LCHF dieters. The diet has become very popular in Kerala state in South India where the total population is above 50 millions out of which about ten million are having metabolic disorders mainly T2D. A good number of this state's population are working in Gulf countries and most of them are already affected with these killer diseases. This summit has a great impact in the minds of the general public here. So many senior politicians also participated in the function who are practicing LCHF. It is an historical achievement in the move of reversing most of the chronic diseases.
    We have Face book for lchf followers who are speaking Malayalam language which is the official language of Kerala state namely: lchf malayalam group, having 70,000 members. We have a Telegram group also with the same name having 40,000 members.
    Thanking You again- Habeeburahman, Program Co-ordinator of Mega summit and admin of the above groups
  2. Anwar Aboobacker
    Thanks Sir for the exciting post about our LCHF Summit Held in Kozhikode , on Feb 2 ,
    Thanks for the coverage

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