“LCHF may be the most effective weapon against obesity”

More from the sensible science journalist Henrik Ennart at the Swedish morning paper Svenska Dagbladet:

The new SBU report on low-carbohydrate diets for weight loss sweeps aside the last major fears surrounding the diet and now opens wide the doors to the country’s hospitals.

From now on LCHF is an established part of the dietitians’ arsenal for treatment of obesity. In the short term it may even be the most effective weapon.

SvD: “The Last Fears Swept Aside” (Google translated from Swedish)


  1. Paul
    Well, Richard Lowfat4ever (not to be confused with Richard the Lionheart) says that all those people writing these stories are delusional.
  2. robert
    "I reject your reality and substitute with my own."
  3. Michelle
    @ Robert. Well said.

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