“LCHF the most effective diet”


Swedish morning paper Svenska Dagbladet was one of the first papers yesterday to break the big news:

SvD: Experts: LCHF the Most Effective Diet (Google translated from Swedish).

The article is well worth reading and also includes comments from the SBU project manager for the report:

– I think that the most important result is that we haven’t found any evidence of increased health risks as a result of low-carbohydrate diets, says Jonas Lindblom, Project Manager at SBU… – We didn’t find any support in the scientific literature that low-carbohydrate diets would lead to poorer heart health or increased mortality…

Normally, SBU doesn’t offer dietary advice.

– However, a reasonable interpretation of our report should be that the health care system in the future should also suggest a low-carbohydrate diet as an option for obese patients, says Jonas Lindblom.


  1. Mary
    The Swedish Expert Committee's advice 'A low-carb diet most effective for weight loss "LCHF may be the most effective weapon against obesity" ' is very interesting, not to say most brave. I would love to read a scientifically authenticated English translation of the report. Will the report be published in English, in the scientific or medical literature and be freely accessible to the public? I hope so and look forward to reading it one day.
  2. Tonya Cather
    I would love to have a list of ALL vegetables that I can eat! You recently advised all vegetables except "root" vegetables, yet I see the plate with the brocholli, salmon AND carrots. I thought carrots were "root" vegetables as well as potatoes, beets and radishes. And since field peas are not a root vegetable, I have been eating those, too. But, are they a starch like the potatoe? I would just like to have a list of all the vegetables I am allowed to eat on this diet and not question my-self all the time. I have lost 9 lb's in 2 months since I started and would like to continue on without feeling deprived of any vegetables. I need ALL of them, please! Can you help me with a list? Thankyou so much!
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