Ketone supplements experiment: your help needed!

Sports protein on the spoon and in a glass CupHi there! If you’ve watched this video, you’ll know that I’m currently running an experiment on exogenous ketone supplements. I’ve been putting some of my fellow members of Team Diet Doctor through some tests to see if they experience the benefits that companies selling the supplements claim they give.

Part of my background research is to find out how and why the supplements are used, especially by people in the low carb community. Whether or not you take ketone supplements and whether or not you follow a low carb diet, I would be grateful if you would answer this short 5-minute questionnaire to help me with my research!

Scroll down to answer the questionnaire or click here to learn more about the ketone supplements experiment.

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  1. Hayley
    Done, you do not need that garbage or any other supposed magic products, if diet doctor start promoting this the valuable information provided on this website becomes invalid! Don't do it!
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  2. Sierra
    Everyone’s body is different. Supplementing with ketones is a valuable tool for many people. If you don’t need them or use them does not give you the right to judge those who do.
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  1. Alan
    Not such a good questionnaire. I do not take supplements because I have all the things I need in the diet.
  2. Hayley
    Done, you do not need that garbage or any other supposed magic products, if diet doctor start promoting this the valuable information provided on this website becomes invalid! Don't do it!
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  3. Eliza
    I don't take them because I don't see the point. What I understand is that the body produces ketones when it is burning fat. The ketones themselves may or may not have any bearing on this process, it's just a result of the body burning fat. If that is the case, then taking ketones doesn't do anything but put them in your body to be measured (if you measure that). It doesn't burn any more fat, so I don't see the point.

    That does not mean ketones may not have some other benefit or use beyond weight loss, but I am interested in weight loss.

  4. Carmen
    Agree 100% with Hayley. I am perfectly able to make my own ketones.
  5. BobM
    I've tried the ketone supplements, still have 3/4 of the bottle. While they do make me feel better (it's the ONLY time I get a ketone high, which I do NOT get even when my ketones are naturally high), I also think that the science on them is questionable. I am trying powdered MCT oil now, though, to see if I can raise my naturally low levels of ketones (only get high ketones if I fast multiple days), and to see what happens with my blood sugar (supposedly, if ketones go up, blood sugar goes down). I'm using a continuous glucose monitor and testing ketones by blood and breath.
  6. Sierra
    Everyone’s body is different. Supplementing with ketones is a valuable tool for many people. If you don’t need them or use them does not give you the right to judge those who do.
  7. Vicky
    I have tried several different companies and ended up throwing them out. Very expensive products too. The taste is sickenly sweet and I can't drink them. While sampling, I never saw any change in my ketones. Another thing that is distressing to me is the recipes beginning to show up with erythritol or other sweeteners in them. Why take something super sweet if you have worked hard to get off carbs?
  8. Kim Gajraj Team Diet Doctor
    Hi Hayley, thanks for taking the time to answer the survey! I will reiterate that we are in no way promoting these supplements. We are running an experiment to test the claims that the companies make about the benefits of the supplements in an objective way. You can watch this video to find out more. Full writeup of the experiment and part 2 of the video coming soon. At Diet Doctor we take no money from industry. We sell no food, no supplements, no other products and we have no ads. We stay free from industry influence so that we can provide unbiased and trustworthy information. You can read more about that here.
  9. Sheila
    The body goes through the natural process of producing ketones. If a ketoer is following low carb, eating when only hungry and getting plenty of sleep and doing water fasting weekly, they are in ketosis. I tried ketone supplements and my ketone count was still the same. For the price of what they charge, I can eat a 95% organic food lifestyle. I can get all my body's nutrient needs through food. Only take a Bile salt enzyme now. The vitamin and supplement industry is making just as much money as Big Pharma. So a biological process will always superceed a pill.
  10. BobM
    After tracking my ketones and blood sugar for years, all I can say it that there are relationships I do not understand. For instance, I got up after fasting about 36 hours, had a BOHB level of 0.9 and a blood sugar of 4.7/86.4. Went to the gym, where I lifted weights then did treadmill, for maybe 45-50 minutes. Got to work, took ketones and they were low (basically <0.1) while my blood sugar was 5.9/106.2. I ate "blunch" (my only meal until dinner) at 9am, zero carb, all meat, and my blood sugar kept going up. At 11:55 am, I had BOHB of 0.3 and blood sugar of 5.7/102.6. At 2:53pm/14:53, had ketones of 1.1 and blood sugar of 4.9/88.2.

    Contrast that with two days later. I ate the night before (fasted until dinner, very low carb dinner), did my workout in the morning, and got zero change in ketones or blood sugar for basically the same workout.

    Sometimes I eat later in the evening, and this seems to cause a morning blood sugar rise (all low/zero carb eating); other times, it doesn't.

    Every time I think have some relationship figured out, I do something that goes against that relationship.

    Fasted 4.5+ days the other week, blood sugar lowered into the 3s/low 60s toward the end, then after I ate, my morning blood sugars started going up and went quite high for a few days. Not sure why, as I was eating very low carb. Going to try this again to see what happens.

  11. Louis-Rene
    I bought some ketone salt. Not that useful for me. I don't see any differences. I will now take some during crossfit competitions but again, I not sure it has a huge impact. I generally fast at minimum 18 hours a day and having a 2-3h training session in a fasted state. I don't feel the hunger or energy drop and I will eat about 2hours following training. I will consume some MCT oil (c8 and c4) a few times a week.

    I don't think, while being on a keto/lowcarb lifestyle, exogenous ketones are necessary or has any beneficial effect other than wasting your money on blood ketone test strips.

    --- Your body will produce ketones when needed, not when you feel you need them ---

  12. BobM
    Here's an interesting study where a ketone "ester" drink lowered insulin and ghrelin, among other things, causing reduced hunger:

    Maybe I'll have to try finishing my bottle of exogenous ketones.

  13. Susan
    I don't take them mostly because I don't know enough about them. As an advocate for the elderly, I'm interested them as they may relate to improving cognitive function in people with early stages of dementia/Alzheimer's. IF Alzheimers is related to an inability of the brain to fuel itself from glucose while still having the ability to use ketones as fuel--one working theory--then we all might be hearing a whole lot more about them!
  14. jan oxenrider
    i have been taking ketones for 3 months will never be without them i LOVE THEM I FEEL AMAZING
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  15. Susan 2
    I take them, but not necessarily every day. Also, I normally use only a half serving at a time and only once on any day I use them (too sweet otherwise, and I don't want to take that much calcium since they seem to have very high levels of it). Namely, they sometimes help when I find myself hungry between meals, when trying to fast after dinner, or have cravings for carbs. It prevents binges, which I can sometimes be susceptible to if tired or under stress. Sometimes I just need a little help.
  16. Lisa Redeemed
    I drink exogenous ketones daily and do Interminet fasting and eat keto but don't measure macros.. have been doing it for 10 months and have no plans of every stopping. Have NEVER felt BETTER in my life.. my whole family takes them and hundreds of other people I know and care about..
  17. François Melançon
    If I may... Personally, I do not use supplements: they only work for brain-related conditions (dementia, brain trauma) and do not work with all other conditions. But I am working on a research protocol for brain trauma patients: most of them are not eating a ketogenic diet but since brain trauma causes decreased brain vascularisation and increased inflammation, we do not have the luxury of waiting the one week period it takes to get people in ketosis. This is where I feel we should use ketone supplements (or ketone precursors supplements, as ketone esters are incredibly expensive (US $30.00 per shot, three times a day) and have a wonderful nail polish taste).

    For these brain trauma patients, supplements seem to be advantageous (this is what I intend to demonstrate) and when one's loved one has dementia and any change in their routine creates havoc. In this last case, it is easy to hide ketone bodies precursors in their usual food and their brain will naturally choose this as a source of energy.

  18. Kareen
    Exogenous ketones are increasing my neurological healing benefits in conjunction with a Ketogenic lifestyle. I feel better when I use them. Both have helped me get off 4 prescription medications. My USC doctors are amazed at my transformation in just over a years time! I have tried periods of Keto without exogenous ketone supplementation and not seen the same results. Many of my family and friends are seeing health - physical and mental improvements and are also able to get off prescription medications. I pay for quality exogenous ketones because I can feel a difference, having tried others. I am a firm believer that greater healing is achievable through ketone supplementation. My thought: some will notice the benefits of supplementation more no doubt, but perhaps others are receiving benefits as well on a cellular level that is not as easily measured. Truthfully, wish I could share my whole health history and healing journey with you ... those that have witnessed it thought it so powerful they have adopted a Ketogenic lifestyle as well and each one that has tried my same exogenous ketone supplement will not give them up! I urge you to encourage loved ones with hard health issues to give both a trial at least. Life changing!
  19. Edith
    Who is asking these questions?
  20. Joni
    Can you tell me which brand you take?
  21. kirs10ann
    BobM, I would like to hear more from you. I seem to be on the same path. With supplements I get to .9 blood and <90 glucose tested by blood. I've been true to KETO for two months. The supplements help my attitude but nothing else. An attitude adjustment is always good, but what happens when I stop taking them?

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