“Keto Krew” at Texas grocer works together to drop 200 pounds

keto success team from grocery store

The “Keto Krew” at a Sprouts grocery store in greater Houston is leading by example. This spontaneously-formed group of five employees has collectively lost 200 pounds, all by following a ketogenic diet.

They have dropped pants sizes and gained endless energy, by cheering each other on, sharing recipes and finding new keto-friendly products in the store, they said.

Even the customers are catching on.

“When I have [customers] asking for certain [keto] information, I can say, ‘Let me take you to the star of the building,’ and take them to Farley or take them to Ana, ‘the keto queen,'” Glidden said. “It’s nice to work for a company that supports healthier decisions and [a healthier] lifestyle, and is working hard to provide even more support.”

In spite of all the fabulous results experienced by the Keto Krew, the registered dietician interviewed at the end of the ABC News article offered perfunctory cautions about lipid profiles, even characterizing a keto diet as unsustainable. But we know keto often improves heart disease risk markers, and have shared hundreds of success stories that demonstrate a long-term commitment is not only possible, but embraced by many who transform themselves with keto.

A workplace is a great place for keto to take off. It is hard not to notice when a coworker is losing weight and gaining energy. Others jump on board, and colleagues can offer one another support — encouragement, tips and recipes. Can you spread the word at yours? Feel free to share our beginners’ guide with those interested in giving keto a try!

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  2. Joh Hart
    Maybe you dont eat enough fat! A piece of cheese helps.
    You should not be hungry!
  3. Cassieoz
    When dieticians have to (endlessly) resort to "It's not sustainable" you know they have nothing else to offer. Of course the millions of people who give in to cravings and hunger on the low fat/high carb diet prove that THAT isn't sustainable
  4. Matt
    First they say "It won't work". When it works they say "It will kill you". When it doesn't kill you they say "It isn't sustainable".

    Endless rationalizations and endless reasons to never admit they have been fundamentally wrong for decades.

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