Keto and fast food

Can you get keto low-carb food at fast-food restaurants? Ivor Cummins and Bjarte Bakke went to a number of fast-food restaurants to find out. How do you think it went?

Table of contents

  0:15  Ordering coffee
  1:52  Ordering at Subway
  3:25  Ordering at Burger King
  5:12  Ordering at Pizza Hut
  6:27  Ordering at McDonald’s
  7:49  Ordering at KFC
  8:50  Recap

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Keto and fast food – Ivor Cummins and Bjarte Bakke

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  1. David
    This was a very useful little video. It was practical and aimed at everyday issues that people face in the real world. I would like to see more of these and particularly a little deeper and more fact based. Tak.

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