A keto diet saves baby from 40 seizures a day


Here’s a fantastic story – two-year old Olivia suffered from as many as 40 seizures a day after undergoing surgery.

Her parents finally went to the last resort, a keto diet, after having tried medication after medication. And since then she has been seizure free for eight months:

Mom Sandy Browning, 34, and dad William, 33, of Bolingbrook, Illinois, were at their last end when a surprise diet of meticulously measured whipping cream provided a solution to all little Olivia’s problems and saw her life switch from constant unrest and seizures to a bright convulsion-free lifestyle.

Mail Online: ‘We have our daughter back!’ Parents of toddler with Down syndrome who suffered 40 seizures daily and lost her ability to smile say she has been cured by eating WHIPPING CREAM every day


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