Jurassic baby


Paleo babies are getting old. You know, kids and moms trying to eat paleolithic food. It may be extremely healthy, but it’s not quite as trendy as it used to be.

We decided to take it a step further by getting a dino suit. Voilá: Our two months old Klara is now officially a Jurassic baby.

PS: Klara’s mom is eating low carb high fat (real food) as usual. Klara is on an old-fashioned all milk diet.


  1. konichiwa
    Awww, så fin, så söt :-))
  2. Kim
  3. Gina
  4. FrankG
    How cute is that outfit!

    You must be so proud of your beautiful Daughter, Doctor Andreas?

    Becoming a Father was the very best thing that ever happened to me. You will have been told that this time goes by quickly... it is true! Treasure every moment. I can still clearly remember the feel and smell of my baby son asleep on my chest (usually grabbing an handful of chest hairs -- amazing what you can put up with when they are your own) even though he is now a second year University student studying to become a Medical Doctor. Yes! I am also proud to be his Papa ;-)

  5. she's adorable!!!
    really, she's got a very good start! enjoy breastfeeding, mommy, wish it would be long and successful for you two
  6. Ann-Christin
    vilken fantastiskt söt liten flicka! Redan kameravan och leende!
  7. Gracie
    You aren't fooling us. We all know these cute baby pictures are a blatant attempt to up your site traffic. :D
  8. Margaretrc
    Gorgeous! 'Nuff said.
  9. Beauuuuuuutiful! And so healthy looking! I know you must be so proud!
  10. Janknitz
  11. Anita Lima
    What a little beauty!!!!
  12. Kathy Vining
    You certainly have a darling baby. Keep up the good parenting, it pays in a huge way the day she walks down the aisle. My little granddaughter is a Paleo baby as well, and she's a beauty!
  13. moreporkplease
    So sweet!

    Best wishes to your new family!

  14. mezzo
    What a bonny little girl!!
  15. Sigi
    Oh, Andreas, she is adorable! Congratulations to Dino Mum and Dino Dad. :-)
  16. Jaime
    Cute!!!! This baby really encourages me to have a second baby and get the diet right from the start!

    Anyway, sorry for being a killjoy, but calling this baby Jurassic is like saying that Ronald Reagan lived with Plato, before Persia fought Sparta inspiring a cool movie; humans beings (homo habilis not included) began to evolve about 80 times earlier than the Jurassic period (if I remember well).

    By the way, I have been confronting people who mock my LCHF diet by reminding me how "bad" fats are, but every time I remind them that mother's milk has about 50% of saturated fat, even biologists shut up. They insist that they are right, but they avoid discussing the mother's milk argument. I wonder why.

  17. It's like the cutest little baby I have ever seen! Adorable.
  18. terrence
    What a sweetie! Just beautiful.

    Enjoy as much time with her as you can. They do grow up all too quickly.

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