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You will probably know Anne Mullens by name from navigating around our site. She’s written some fantastic material for us, from blog posts on slipping and recovering on the keto journey, to profiles on Gary Taubes and other top low carb experts to some of our top guides on the low carb diet, such as this one on keto for kids with ADHD and autism.

Anne is an award-winning Canadian journalist and science writer with her own success story of reversing pre-diabetes and dealing with hormonal imbalances using a ketogenic diet. She has also gathered huge amounts of information and countless low carb stories from her interactions with experts working in low carb and people who have changed their lives by switching to a low carb diet.

Team Diet Doctor is lucky enough to have Anne in our Stockholm office this week, on a visit from Canada. On Thursday at 6.30 PT/9.30 ET/14.30 GMT, we’ll be sitting down for a chat with her to hear about her personal low-carb story, what it is like to be a writer for Diet Doctor and her advice on troubleshooting for women over 50 on low carb.

Just head over to our Facebook page on Thursday to tune in!

Facebook live: Get to know Diet Doctor writer Anne Mullens

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